Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Frantically Tried To Crash Her Wedding And Filmed It

Just this morning, we learned that Britney Spears and fiancé Sam Ashgari were allegedly getting married today. The sudden news, reported by TMZ and Billboard, highlights how private Spears has been able to keep these plans, considering how just about everything else in her life seems to be out in the open and then some. But in an Instagram video that surfaced this afternoon, captured by TMZ, Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander appeared to infiltrate the wedding site, desperately searching for the “…Baby One More Time” singer.

Jason Alexander (no, not the Seinfeld one) was married to Spears briefly in 2004. The two were childhood friends and the marriage was very short-lived (55 hours to be exact.) He somehow got through the gate of Spears’ Thousand Oaks home where he was filming on Instagram Live and was maniacally searching for Spears throughout the house. “Hey where’s Britney at? Tell me the truth, where’s Britney at? Britney! Britney!” as security continues to tell him to leave and Alexander says “Don’t put your hands on me.” Then it appears that a security guard brandishes a weapon, to which Alexander says, “Hey, I can trespass, y’all don’t gotta have a gun.”

The clip shifts back to the outside of the grounds, which was clearly being set up for a wedding and Alexander continues his vehement search, “Hey, where’s Britney? I’m Jason Alexander. I’m her ex-husband. I’m here to crash the wedding bro.” He proceeds to walk towards the altar and then addresses the 157 people who were tuned into his livestream saying, “So here’s the inside scoop of the bullshit wedding.” the frantic pacing continues back to the courtyard and he starts talking to security again, saying “My name’s Jason Alexander. Britney invited me here. She’s my first wife, my only wife. I’m her first husband. I’m here to crash the wedding but nobody’s here but Sam. So where the f*ck’s the family?” At this point, he appears to get tackled as the camera spins towards the ground and it ends. According to TMZ, Ventura County Sheriffs were called and they were still on site at press time to determine what was happening.

You can watch a clip from Alexander’s livestreamed video in the post above.