A Presiding Judge Rules Britney Spears Will Not Have To Appear At The Deposition With Her Father

Over the years, Britney Spears has gone through a lot both legally and emotionally. Even with the excitement of her 13-year conservatorship coming to an end, she has had to endure her father, Jamie Spears, seeking retribution for her gaining her freedom. His latest demand came in the form of the pop star appearing at a deposition, but on July 27 the presiding Los Angeles judge, Brenda Penny, ruled in favor of Britney.

At a Los Angeles Superior Court hearing, Penny finalized her initially temporary decision to deny Jamie Spears’ request for Britney to be deposed as ongoing litigation for his misconduct during her conservatorship continues. The “Toxic” artist’s attorney, Matthew Rosengart, argued there was no need for her to be deposed and it was nothing more than a vengeful act by her father and lawyers.

“Whether he believes it or accepts it, what she went through under him [was traumatic]. What would a decent dad do? He would say, ‘That’s my daughter, I love my daughter,'” Rosengart stated during the hearing. “There is still hope that he sits with his counsel and talks about doing the right thing. A deposition of Britney Spears would re-traumatize her.”

Jamie Spears’ counsel intends to appeal as they believe they are owed additional information in order to properly defend their client. However, for now, Britney is in the clear.