Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde’s Romance Led To A Tattoo, Or So Fans Online Have Begun To Speculate

Last week, Harry Styles might hagve said goodbye to the demands of life on the road after wrapping up his Love On Tour in Italy. However, some things aren’t as easy to walk away from, especially past romantic endeavors. Fans online have speculated that despite his rumored fling with Emily Ratajkowski, he could still have some lingering feelings for his Don’t Worry Darling co-star Olivia Wilde.

In a picture shared by Pop Crave, Styles has a thigh tattoo of the actress’ name. Based on how healed the area is, it’s clear that this isn’t new ink. Wilde and Styles reportedly dated for two years, splitting before their on-screen debut hit theaters.

After the image was posted to the account, people flooded the platform with mixed responses to the image. One wrote, “I know that’s right,” cheering on the body art.

Others emphasized that no one should get worked up over it, as Styles and Wilde are no longer an item, writing, “It’s not new he had it over a year ago. They broke up months ago. It’s obviously old.”

Another pointed out that a 2015 song by Styles’ former group One Direction by the name could have been the true catalyst of the singer’s ink. “Ok and? I would’ve gotten the same tattoo when this banger dropped,” penned the person.