Jack Antonoff Just Maybe Might Possibly Not Be A Big Fan Of Kanye West, Who He Dubbed A ‘Cry Baby B*tch’

With his various antics and controversies in recent years, Kanye West hasn’t exactly endeared himself to a lot of people. It appears that among those who potentially might not be among West’s biggest supporters is Jack Antonoff.

His band Bleachers has a new self-titled album coming out on March 8. Meanwhile, yesterday (January 23), West announced that his and Ty Dolla Sign’s upcoming album Vultures is now a three-part project, with volumes currently set for release on February 9, March 8, and April 5.

Antonoff appears to not love that he and West share a release date now: This morning, he tweeted, “kanye on bleachers release date is hilarious little cry baby b*tch.”

Worth noting is that West has delayed the release of Vultures multiple times now (which he’s done for a bunch of his previous albums, too), so there’s a decent chance West and Antonoff might not even end up releasing on the same day.

Antonoff’s latest tweet comes after his 2022 X (then Twitter) masterwork, when he tweeted, “kanye a little b*tch.” This followed West saying some antisemitic things, and Antonoff, who is Jewish, presumably didn’t care for that. Pair that with the fact that West and Antonoff collaborator Taylor Swift don’t have the best history and it makes sense why Antonoff isn’t a Ye appreciator.