Kelly Clarkson Turned In An Even Funkier Cover Of Kacey Musgraves’ Groove-Laden ‘High Horse’

Kelly Clarkson has been doing her thing with “Kellyoke” for quite some time now, illustrating just how easily her powerhouse vocals can turn any other artist’s hit song into a power ballad. Or, sometimes, she ratchets the energy up to eleven, and delivers an even more upbeat track than the original. She kind of went the latter route for today’s cover of Kacey Musgraves 2018 Golden Hour standout, “High Horse.” Though Golden Hour was much more devoted to slower, loved up tunes, “High Horse” stood out for bringing the funk, and that’s the element of the song that Kelly decided to highlight in her cover.

Trimming the song down to a brief two minutes, in order to make it work as a segment on The Kelly Clarkson show, Kelly was backed up by a full band and two additional vocalists for the groove-laden cult favorite, turning the chorus’ high notes into a vocal trill that Kacey doesn’t quite have the chops to pull off in her version. Then of course there’s the ad libs that Kelly loves to throw into any song she’s performing. Check out the cover above and look out for more covers from Kelly, she’s constantly finding new ones.