King Princess Likens The Hardships Of Love To A Horrific Hospital Visit In The ‘Let Us Die’ Video

Many people do not like going to hospitals. Whether it is the poor handling of patients, the deathly connotations that come with the physical buildings, or the excessive medical expenses, they are not places that people want to end up. King Princess puts this on full display in the video for “Let Us Die” and draws parallels to a love that is difficult to maintain.

The video opens with the 23-year-old entering a waiting room and notifying the attendant that she is there to see a doctor only to be met with rudeness. From there, she experiences one of the worst hospital visits ever by being force-fed Jello, working out on an elliptical, and having an oxygen mask forced onto her face, among other things.

The climax of the video comes in the form of a dolled-up woman with a long, sharp nail on her index finger performing open heart surgery in front of a crowd of attendants who lick the blood that spews from her heart off of their fingers and faces. It is a jarring display of giving one’s self over to the bad side of courtship.

“Let Us Die,” which notably features drum contributions from the late Foo Fighters member Taylor Hawkins, arrives as part of King Princess’ new album Hold On Baby. Ahead of the new album, the Brooklyn singer shared the singles “Change The Locks,” “Too Bad,” “Cursed,” “For My Friends,” and “Little Bother” featuring Fousheé.

Check out the gory video for “Let Us Die” above.

Hold On Baby is out now via Zelig Records. Listen here.