The K-Pop Comebacks To Look Forward To In November

Another month of K-pop releases are about to fall down like leaves this November. Though it seems like it’s not as jam packed as October, November still has a solid lineup of K-pop acts, varying from the second, third, and fourth generation, returning to the music scene.

However, as South Korea is currently in their period of mourning following the tragic crowd crush in Itaewon last weekend, some entertainment companies followed suit by either delaying or cancelling releases, concerts, and events set for the first week of November. (The period of morning ends on Saturday, November 5.)

Though there are probably a good amount of releases that have yet to be announced (just like BTS member Jin‘s last month), here is some of the new music we are looking forward to this month.


Originally scheduled to release on November 2, Nature and n.CH Entertainment pushed back the girl group’s release to November 6 at 6 p.m. KST. This marks the septet’s third EP and will include their lead single “LIMBO! (넘어와).”


The second generation boy group returns with a sophisticated pop sound compared to their past releases. Releasing their fourth EP as HIGHLIGHT, the quartet presents [AFTER SUNSET] and their title track “Alone” on November 7.

AleXa — Girls Gone Vogue

After winning the nation over on NBC’s American Song Contest earlier this year with “Wonderland,” K-Pop’s cyberpunk queen AleXa makes her returns during her birthday month with her EP Girls Gone Vogue. The EP is set to drop on November 11 with its lead single “Back In Vogue.”

Xdinary Heroes — 2nd Mini Album: Overload

Initially set to release on November 4, the JYP Entertainment rock band is now set to make their first comeback on November 11 with their first EP Overload. The EP will consist of seven tracks that include “Zzz..,” “LUNATIC,” “Crack In The Mirror,” “Ghost,” “X-MAS” and the lead single “Hair Cut” as well as its instrumental counterpart.

VeriVery – 3rd Single Album [Liminality – EP.LOVE]

Fresh off their US tour last month, K-pop boy group VeriVery will release their third single album on November 14 with the lead single “Tap Tap.” Though the group’s release date wasn’t affected by the period of mourning, Jellyfish Entertainment postponed all promotions leading towards the release date until November 7.

Victon — 8th Mini Album [Choice]

Set to drop on all streaming platforms on November 15, Victon’s eighth EP Choice will consist of five tracks including the lead single “Virus.” This would mark the group’s first comeback as a five-member group after the departure of member Chan.

B.I. — Love Or Loved Part.1

Following his viral hit “BTBT” over the summer, the Korean soloist returns with a new EP that was first announced in April. Described as a “global album project,” one can only anticipate the type of music the EP will entail after the slew of collaborations B.I. worked on this year.

BIBI — Lowlife Princess: Noir

With three pre-release tracks out — “Animal Farm,” “Sorrow of the Mother,” “Motospeed 24” — BIBI is set to drop her long-awaited debut album on November 18. Following the success of her radio hits “The Weekend” and “Best Lover,” the Korean R&B princess continues to partner with 88rising to present a grandiose album that maximizes BIBI’s ability as a well-rounded artist in the industry.

RM — Solo Album (TBA)

With little to no information provided except for a confirmation and release date from HYBE, there is no doubt BTS’ very own leader RM has one of the most sought after releases of November. His solo album (TBA) comes after the solo releases of member J-Hope and Jin this year. But one thing’s for sure: November 25 is RM Day. Not Black Friday.


One of the pioneering girl groups of second generation K-pop reunites for their 15th anniversary with a full-length album offering to fans worldwide. This marks KARA’s first release since 2015 with their seventh EP In Love. Members Nicole and Jiyoung, who departed from the group in 2014, will join Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Youngji for this special album for Kamilia worldwide.

Chen – Last Sequence

Originally slated for a Halloween release (October 31), SM Entertainment artists and EXO member Chen has yet to confirm the new date for his newest EP Last Scene. However, prior to its release, SM Entertainment unveiled a music video teaser to the song featuring Squid Game actor Park Hae Soo.

Jung Eunji – Remake Album: ‘log’

Initially set to release on November 1, Apink’s very own Jung Eunji unleashes a five track “remake” album. The album consists of Eunji’s rendition of classic tracks from legendary Korean artists like Cho Yong-pil, YB, Kim Young-hwan, and more.