When Will Ariana Grande’s ‘Eternal Sunshine’ Come Out On Spotify?

Ariana Grande is finally returning with her new album titled Eternal Sunshine in just a few hours, much to fans’ excitement. Considering it has been a few years since the pop star last released an album, the anticipation for this one has been building.

Grande also kept a lot of the album pretty under wraps, save for just sharing the tracklist. So far, she has only released “Yes, And?” as a single from the album because she wanted listeners to hear the project in full from start to finish.

Here’s what to know about when you’ll be able to hear it on Spotify.

When Will Ariana Grande’s Eternal Sunshine Come Out On Spotify?

Grande’s Eternal Sunshine will be out on Spotify at midnight ET tonight. For those on the West Coast, you can hear it at 9 p.m. PT. All other time zones would have to calculate the conversion based on the ET release time.

It seems like fans are going to hear some emotional tracks also.

“The loss and grief that you hear some of the album, some of the heartbreak stuff, there was so much love and transparency,” Grande shared in a recent interview with Zach Sang (via Elle). “That was something I really wanted to make sure was captured, wasn’t like a ‘f*ck you’ at all and ever.”

Eternal Sunshine is out 3/8 via Republic. Find more information here.