A Getty Photographer Breaks Down Her Five Favorite Photos She Took At The Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is over. The Philadelphia Eagles have shocked the NFL world by defeating the ageless Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. With the end of the season, we look ahead to a long, cold offseason full of retrospectives and what could’ve beens. But now, we take a moment to look back at the highlights, the memes, and the unforgettable moments from the Super Bowl with the highest amount of offensive output in league history.

But not every perspective is the same. As fans look through the hours of Super Bowl footage from the week of the Big Game and others scroll through thousands of photos that captured the glory of the Eagles and the deflating of the Patriots, we have to remember there’s always a story behind the photo.

Immediately following the Super Bowl, we spoke to veteran Getty photographer Elsa Garrison who was shooting the game and had her pick her five favorite photos from her 14th (!!!) Super Bowl. Some look like they can be from any football game in existence, but we know the story behind the shot and the context it’s in is worth well more than a thousand words, and Garrison is here to talk us through them. Starting with Kevin Hart drunkenly trying to storm the field after the Eagles win.

Kevin Hart Works His Way Onto The Field

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“He was right next to me. I was sitting behind the stage area waiting for the Eagles players to come off and he was trying to get in the penned-in area and security wasn’t allowing him because he didn’t have the proper accreditation. He was… “complaining” we’ll say to the security guard who was just shutting him down. He got denied by field security which was pretty interesting since he’s Philadelphia’s biggest fan.”

“You can see right then and there he’s trying to get on the field and his exact words were: ‘Are you shitting me?’ He kept saying ‘you’re shitting on me right now!’ That went on for about three minutes then he gave up. I was like, ‘really, you’re not going to let Kevin Hart in?'”

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