Every NFL Logo As A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character

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(These logos are the work of David Rappoccio. You can find him on Twitter at @drawplaydave.)

We’re at an exciting time for both Game of Thrones and the NFL season, as Super Bowl 53, the final game of season, is upon us. And so is the final season of GoT! And much like many of the show’s conflicts over the years, we have a compelling final showdown in the NFL between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are young, hungry, and set to challenge the New England dynasty that’s basically ruled the NFL for a very long time.

Whether Super Bowl 53 is the moment the Patriots dynasty finally ends is still something we probably won’t know after the game’s finish, but it is an interesting narrative. And one that gives us an excellent opportunity to mix the NFL and Game of Thrones. We have done plenty of NBA and NFL logo redesigns around these parts. Sometimes tying sports to a non-athletic theme is a stretch. But bringing together Game of Thrones and the NFL makes perfect sense. They’re two of the most popular and talked about things on television, they both have plenty of violence and, in the end, pretty much everyone ends up worse for wear.

To be clear, there are some mild spoilers here if you’re pretty far behind. But what are you waiting for? Once the Patriots or Rams emerge victorious on Sunday, your weekends are free of the NFL for months. That’s the perfect time to binge HBO’s preimere Sunday night programming just in time for the final season. So, SPOILER WARNING, but only for those who aren’t caught up on the series, and even then, we really aren’t giving away much.

Teams are organized by division, and if you disagree with a selection, that’s too bad. This list was formulated by a team of scientists working day and night for months to calculate the best fit for each character. You can’t argue with science.

CowboysDallas Cowboys – Joffrey Baratheon (Lannister)
An overinflated sense of entitlement a massive ego. Joffrey thinks Joffrey is the greatest, but really everyone just hates him.

EaglesPhiladelphia Eagles – Sansa Stark
Endless dumb trades. Sounds like Sansa’s entire tenure on the show and sounds like the Eagles front office for years. Every time things look up, something terrible happens and everyone wonders when the nightmare will end. And then, all at once, it does! Maybe things will be fine now who knows the end is coming soon anyway, right?

GiantsNew York Giants – The Mountain
The Mountain is a very large man. You could call him a giant, really. GET IT?

SkinsWashington Redskins – Cersei Lannister
A once great queen, she’s now mostly relegated to public embarrassment. And dealing with those Stark girls trying to get revenge.

LionsDetroit Lions – Tyrion Lannister
Before you get mad about wishing Tyrion were a better team, think about this — besides being a Lion (the Lannisters’ symbol), Tyrion has been a beloved character who everybody roots for, but essentially lives in a cruel and hateful world that is unfair to him in every way. That’s basically how the Lions have felt for decades. Everyone roots for Tyrion and the Lions, except the world in which they live.