‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Is Aiming To Break A Record


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was recently renewed for Seasons 13 and 14, after a Season 12 finale that saw Dennis (Glenn Howerton) leave the gang to raise his son, Brian Junior. But, as often hinted, Dennis may return, and the show is also angling to break a TV record, according to co-star Charlie Day. The Wrap caught up with Day at the premiere of Hotel Artemis, in which he plays an arms dealer hiding in an unlicensed hospital for criminals while a riot is unfolding. Day spoke about their desire to break a record like Charlie breaks bottles in the bad room.

“You definitely get Season 13, which we’re making right now, and Season 14, which we’re contracted to do, and then beyond that, it’ll be up to FX, but I think 15 is the record for a comedy, so I imagine we’ll all want to hold the record for the longest-running comedy in America. Fifteen would be the record for the longest live-action comedy, so we’ll probably try and break that record if we can.”

Right now, with fourteen seasons ordered, Always Sunny is tied with The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet for the longest-running live-action TV comedy. Getting one more season ordered by FX would break the record for live-action shows (but still lags far behind The Simpsons‘ record 30 seasons).

As for seeing Dennis return to the show, Day was optimistic. “I can say that the fans should feel hopeful. The fans should feel hopeful that they’ll see some more Dennis,” he said. “There’s been discussions.” Despite the many theories and co-star Kaitlin Olson’s assertion that Dennis is returning for “some episodes” in Season 13, Day isn’t confirming any of it. “Kaitlin doesn’t write the show. She doesn’t know anything,” he joked. Man, all of this will-he or won’t-he stuff is a roller coaster. Does this mean Dennis is a wildcard?

(Via The Wrap)