Glenn Howerton Breaks Down The Internet’s Fascination With Dennis And Some ‘Always Sunny’ Fan Theories

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Glenn Howerton’s return to It’s Always Sunny is still officially up in the air — even if it is unofficially guaranteed by certain members of the cast — but that doesn’t mean he isn’t game to have some fun with the show’s fans. Particularly those fans over at Reddit’s r/The_Dennis and others who seem to have endless theories about Dennis Reynolds in the show’s universe. The clips stem from his appearance on The Late Late Show earlier in April but come as a special treat to close out the month.

The first theory he is hit with is the possibility that Dennis actually murdered Brian LeFevre, the owner of a wallet the gang discovers in season eight of the show and proceed to enjoy the contents of throughout the episode. This is part of the larger “Dennis Reynolds is a serial killer” theory, but the LeFevre connection has plenty of nice tidbits like Dennis climaxing over the severed finger Charlie presents him, talking about being in his skin, and how the man was murdered right outside of Paddy’s Pub. While that last part might be a bit sloppy for a master killer who also works inside, it is also exactly why one might decide to throw folks off the trail.

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