Everyone Wants To Know The Fate Of This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character


WARNING: Heavy Game of Thrones spoilers will be found below.

Game of Thrones impressively delivered an episode where viewers could barely see the Battle of Winterfell action but still noticed the significant deaths that did happen. Two of them, crushingly, happened to hail from the Mormont family, and both of those kills hit fans hard. However, one fighter’s ambiguous fate has left viewers anxious. What happened to Tormund Giantsbane? We only just witnessed the full breadth of his fascinating obsession with Brienne while also learning the (slurp-filled) reason why he grew so strong.

Could it be, though, that not even all the Giant’s Milk that Tormund enjoyed could help him survive the Night King’s forces? It was a truly brutal and bloody battle, and although it must have been difficult for the writers to squeeze in a definitive fate for everyone involved, people definitely noticed an omission. We have not yet received confirmation that Tormund is dead or alive. Yes, we didn’t see him bite the dust! But the ambiguity isn’t cool, and because we can’t definitively conclude that he’s safe, this (along with not knowing if he can ever attempt to woo Brienne again) is driving people nuts on social media.

This is leading to the most obvious joke of all being told over and over again.

Yes, the Night King is dead, so folks should rejoice, but dammit, we want to know what happened to Tormund. This is television torture at its finest.

Still, let us not forget that even though Tormund killed a giant at age 10, it wasn’t a zombie giant. RIP, Lyanna Mormont.