Emilia Clarke Admits To Feeling ‘Annoyed’ By The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale

It’s not just us — even Emilia Clarke thinks Jon Snow could be annoying.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Game of Thrones series finale, the show’s cast and behind-the-scenes talent is still being asked to share their thoughts on the contentious final season. Lena Headey “wanted a better death” for Cersei, director Neil Marshall agreed with the criticism that it was “really rushed,” and, well, Sophie Turner and Kit Harrington didn’t even watch it. Speaking of Kit: Clarke admitted to being “annoyed” that Jon Snow literally got away with murder and returned to Castle Black with the wildlings, while Daenerys’ corpse didn’t live happily ever after in a dragon’s mouth.

“Yeah, I felt for her. I really felt for her,” she told the Sunday Times about Daenerys Targaryen getting killed by her lover/nephew. “And yeah, was I annoyed that Jon Snow didn’t have to deal with something? He got away with murder — literally.”

Clarke, who wishes the final season had been “spun [out] out for a little longer,” also discussed her complicated feelings when Game of Thrones wrapped up:

“When the show did end, it was like coming out of a bunker. Everything felt really strange. Then obviously for it to have the backlash it did… I knew how I felt when I first read it, and I tried, at every turn, not to consider too much what other people might say, but I did always consider what the fans might think… They were the ones who made us successful, so it’s just polite, isn’t it?”

But despite hopping from one mega-franchise (Game of Thrones) to another (Terminator Genisys) to another (Solo: A Star Wars Story), Clarke is ready to join the biggest franchise of all. “I think, if I did, it would be me having a giggle,” she said. “I want to do something absolutely stupid and silly, like, you know, The Avengers or whatever. Something where I got to have a giggle with mates.” If only she knew someone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and hadn’t just expressed annoyance at their character…

(Via the Sunday Times)