Netflix’s ‘GLOW’ Season 3 Trailer Adds Vegas Glitz, Geena Davis, and More Wrestling Drama


The closest thing Uproxx gets to Christmas in June is when the trailer for the new season of GLOW drops. Merry Christmas!

Season 3 of one of Netflix’s best shows sends the cast and crew to Las Vegas — and a standby for the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’s legendary Riviera Hotel and Casino — for what looks like everything you could ask for in a series of prestige television: Geena Davis (!!), vision quests, Roxette’s “Listen To Your Heart,” and Betty Gilpin in a top hat and tails.


Please scroll down and watch the trailer before we devote the entire post to Betty Gilpin in a top hat and tails. Don’t think we won’t.

So far, the story of Netflix’s GLOW has managed to mirror its real-life counterpart. It was almost canceled after only one season but survived thanks to critical acclaim, and has become important enough to not only inspire a comic book, but help bridge the gap between the dramatized story of a wrestling promotion to real-life professional wrestling fandom.

If you haven’t check out the show (or its wonderful show-within-a-show) yet, make sure you binge the first two seasons before season three drops on August 9. For those of us who are caught up, August 9 is way too long to wait.

Netflix also released some key art and stills, which you can see below.