Please Do Not Try To Talk To Jenna Ortega Or Olivia Rodrigo (Or Anyone, Really) While They’re In The Bathroom

Jenna Ortega and Olivia Rodrigo have a lot in common. They both starred on Disney Channel shows; they both are massively talented and famous, Ortega for her performances in Scream, X, and the upcoming Wednesday, and Rodrigo for her debut album, Sour, which won three Grammys; and they both have “piss anxiety.”

The two friends spoke to each other in an interview for The Face. When Rodrigo asked Ortega about a “funny experience” she’s had with a stranger, the actress replied, “I feel like I’ve had a few. My strangest ones are from our Disney days, where I’d go to the restroom and someone would talk to me from underneath a stall. Or when I was washing my hands and someone grabbed me by the arm and took me to their son’s birthday party. And you don’t have enough of a backbone to say no!”

Rodrigo can relate. “That’s the worst, when people talk to you from under the stall,” she said, “and you’re literally peeing, and you have to talk over the sound.” Ortega replied, “I have piss anxiety, too. So I’m like, I can’t go until you stop.”

Piss anxiety is not only a real thing — it’s also a great band name.

You can read the rest of their delightful interview here (and watch Wednesday on Netflix, beginning November 23, and Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 U on Disney+ now).

(Via The Face)