Kelly Ripa Sits Down With Jiminy Glick And Hits Him With A Surprise Makeout Session

NBC’s summer variety show offering Maya & Marty wrapped up its first season on Tuesday and the episode was more than just a showcase for Maya Rudolph and Emma Stone recreating Swedish pop classics using butter tubs. Last night also featured another celebrity interview from Martin Short’s clueless grotesque Jiminy Glick.

Glick sat down for a chat with professional morning person Kelly Ripa. This final Glick go-around was less giggly than his Ricky Gervais interview and featured less brawling than his Larry David chat. Ripa did get the usual array of backhanded compliments, fronthanded insults and whatever part of the hand is used to deliver information about needing a “urine softener.”

“Is it true you think public bathrooms should be separated by income, not gender?” asked the rotund celebrity journalist. It’s a perfectly natural query when your line of questioning ricochets from asking about Ripa’s husband Mark Conseulos (“If [Donald] Trump’s elected, is he saving to pay for that wall?”) to demanding to know if Jesus would accept a man that nursed his sick pet back to life. Somehow this opened the door for a mini-makeout session between Ripa and Glick. You can see how things escalated to that point by clicking play on the video nestled above.