Sarah Snook (Almost) Made Kieran Culkin Cry After Finishing ‘Succession:’ ‘It Hit Him More Than I Thought’

Succession just premiered its final season, and even though the fictional Roy family might have their ups and downs (and way downs), the actors who play them sure do love each other! Allegedly.

Now that the final season has begun, everyone can enjoy the upcoming wave of intriguing cast interviews so we can learn how they really feel about the show’s end. Some of them aren’t too upset about it! On the other hand, Kieran Culkin opened up to Esquire about how hard it really hit him once they realized they’d never be filming together as siblings.

Culkin recalled a moment when he went up to his co-star/on-screen sibling Sarah Snook at the 2022 Emmys and she teased him about never being cast together again. “Hey, Kieran, you’ll love this,” she remembered saying. “When we finish this show, you and I will never work together again.” Culkin snarkily replied, “I went, ‘Why the fuck would you say that? F**k, I want to cry,'” We can assume he cried later on, but in private, so he wouldn’t be bullied by his loving family.

Snook admitted that the comment must have affected him more than expected, “It hit him much more than I thought it would,” she told the mag. It seems like he got too used to playing Roman and cursing up a storm in real life that he didn’t think it would end. Has anyone taught him how to use a chair?

Even though they will always be (fictional) family, Culkin admitted that keeping up with the rest of the crew will be nearly impossible. “I’m not really going to keep up a proper relationship with anybody just because of logistics,” he told the mag. The cast resides on different sides of the globe, with Snook in Australia, Matthew McFadyen residing in London, and Jeremy Strong mostly living in Denmark. “It’s a big, big loss,” Culkin added. But surely they can plan a sibling slumber party at some point, even if it’s only for a quick Carly Rae Jepsen singalong. It’s what the people need.

(Via Esquire)