Kim Cattrall Has Joined The Cast Of Netflix Queer Drama ‘Glamorous’

Kim Cattrall won’t be joining the Che Diaz Cinematic Universe any time soon (aka: ever) again, but she is coming to Netflix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cattrall, who received five Emmy nominations for her role as Samantha Jones on Sex and the City, has joined the cast of Netflix’s original Glamorous, a drama centered on a young gender-nonconforming character played by actor/YouTuber Miss Benny.

Here’s the premise, from THR:

Cattrall’s Madolyn Addison is a veteran from the Golden Age of supermodels who founded the prestigious boutique beauty line that carries her name. Intent on shaking up her business, she sees an opportunity in Marco Mejia (Miss Benny), taking him from the makeup counter to a seat at the table.

Beyond Miss Benny and Cattrall, the cast includes Zane Phillips, Jade Payton, Michael Hsu Rosen, Ayesha Harris and Graham Parkhurst as series regulars with Diana Maria Riva, Lisa Gilroy, and Mark Deklin appearing in guest roles.

Netflix picked up a full season of Glamorous in April 2022, after the series had a multi-year journey, starting as a project for The CW in 2019. Per THR, a pilot was shot for The CW but the show wasn’t picked up to series. Miss Benny still played the role in The CW pilot, with Brooke Shields in Kim Cattrall’s role.

With roles on shows for almost every other streaming service (including Hulu’s How I Met Your Father and Peacock’s Queer As Folk reboot) Cattrall is doing whatever she can to ensure she is not available to HBO Max’s And Just Like That…

(Via THR)