‘Live With Kelly’ Has Megyn Kelly At The Ready For Your Election Day Hangover

Fox News personality Megyn Kelly (a.k.a. alternate timeline Avery Jessup) has become a breakout media star during Election 2016® much to the chagrin of Trump and his supporters. It looks like the Kelly File host will be keeping that momentum rolling with a guest co-host spot on Live With Kelly.

In news that might make previous special co-host Anderson Cooper a twinge jealous, Megyn’s Live With Kelly co-host date comes on November 9. Is that the day after election day? You’re darn tootin’ it is. It’s a sensible piece of post-election programming to pair with the inevitable hangover and Megyn might like a minor break from sorting out bullsh*t to chat with Naomi Watts and give away prizes. We’re reasonably confident Watts won’t complain about bias over “blood coming out of her whatever.”

Elsewhere in Megyn Kelly talk, Donald Trump has lavished praise on Newt Gingrich for how he conducted himself in his interview with the Kelly File star. The GOP presidential candidate’s assessment of how the exchange went would traditionally be considered puzzling, but this campaign season has been stuffed to the gills with bizarre moments across the board, so why expect the atmosphere to change with just a matter of days to go?

(Via TV Line)