What Are The Must-See Shows For March 2024?

Winter will draw to a close in March, but there’s still no time like now to cozy up with a blanket in front of the TV. After you’re done with the cynically and sincerely romantic shows of February, it’s time to finally see more of Amazon’s domination of the comic book genre. Seriously, who would have thought that Marvel and DC would both stumble while The Boys and Invincible (the latter of which returns this month) continue soaring into the stratosphere? Well, the makers of Compound V aren’t surprised.

Additionally, Kate Winslet is collaborating with HBO, and as a team, they haven’t missed yet. Netflix has rescued another beloved series, the Game of Thrones guys are preparing to release their newest project, and an actor who frequently gets spooky will take a more subtle turn as Abe Lincoln. Here are the must-see shows for March.

BMF: Season 3 (Starz series streaming 3/1)

If you’re unsure of where to start with 50 Cent’s ever-expanding TV empire, we have you covered here. At the moment, however, it’s time to revisit Meech and Terry in the early 1990s. The pair is still working on achieving that illusive American Dream halfway across the country from each other, and you can look forward to most of the ensemble cast staying intact, although Snoop Dogg will also appear as a pastor. C’mon, you cannot resist that lure.

The Regime: Season 1 (HBO series streaming on Max 3/3)

Kate Winslet and HBO hope to make their streak last following Mildred Pierce and Mare of Easttown. Sadly, there will probably not be any canned cheese on this series about a messy authoritarian ruler (of an unspecified European country) who goes even more off the rails under the influence of a new and unlikely confidant, Herbert Zubak (Matthias Schoenaerts), who might send her dying regime into extinction even sooner than it was bound to happen. Co-stars include Martha Plimpton, Hugh Grant, and ice-bath zooming.

Girls5eva (Peacock to Netflix series streaming 3/14)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fans, if you didn’t check out this series while it was on Peacock for two seasons, be sure to hit up all three seasons on Netflix, which picked up the series in time for the show’s late ’90s girl group to go on tour. Surely, all will go smoothly despite the ladies having no tour manager or dates or venues or anything but a van and their own enthusiasm to relive their glory days. Netflix’s synopsis wonders, “Or will the road destroy them?” If that’s the case, then it sure will be fun to watch.

3 Body Problem (Netflix series streaming 3/21)

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss hopped on over to Netflix following their run as Game of Thrones creators and showrunners, and hopefully, the audience will grant them a clean slate after, you know, that final season. However, it is 2024, and the pair has moved onto their sci-fi era to adapt Liu Cixin’s bestselling novel trilogy. The show spans time and continents and space and sanity while bending genres and overall following what happens when Earth discovers aliens. The title refers to three stars orbiting each other, and expect things to get existential.

The Gentlemen (Netflix series streaming 3/7)

Remember that Guy Ritchie movie with Matthew McConaughey starring as a weed kingpin? Well, this is Guy Ritchie’s continuation (yes, he really likes the “gentleman” names) starring Theo James, hot off his semi-sociopathic run on The White Lotus. James’ character, Eddie, is lucratively connected to that same weed empire. Don’t expect this show to be a sequel or a remake of the film, but instead, a story that rolls forth from the same world.

Invincible: Season 2 Part 2 (Amazon series streaming 3/14)

Robert Kirkman’s other most popular comic returns to the scene of the Viltrumite empire takeover after Mark received a hint from Omni-Man on where to find the means to stop the madness. Since he cannot hide under the cloaks of anonymity any longer, Mark/Invincible must get crafty, and of course, Debbie is still attempting to sort out the reality of only being Nolan’s “pet,” while he has already create a life on Thraxa with a new family. Those are only a few of the loose ends left dangling during the mid-season hiatus, but never fear because there’s much more of this series while Amazon’s other superhero-skewering franchise, The Boys, is between installments.

Manhunt: Season 1 (Apple TV+ series streaming 3/15)

Hamish Linklater might be the most underappreciated actor on TV these days, especially following his ungodly turn in Mike Flanagan and Netflix’s Midnight Mass. He stars as Abraham Lincoln in an adaptation of James L. Swanson’ non-fiction book, which is adapted into a true crime thriller about the infamous assassination of Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth. The story follows the aftermath of that devastating deed, and Anthony Boyle (Masters of the Air) portrays the fugitive murderer. The limited series also co-stars Tobias Menzies, Patton Oswalt, Lovie Simone, Will Harrison, Brandon Flynn, Damian O’Hare, and Matt Walsh.

A Gentleman in Moscow: Season 1 (Showtime series streaming on Paramount+ 3/29)

Ewan McGregor leads an ensemble cast while starring as a Russian aristocrat, Count Alexander Rostov, in this adaptation of Amor Towles’ same-named novel. Rostov finds himself sequestered in a hotel in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, which has deemed him an outlaw. However, he is not immediately executed but, instead, imprisoned within the attic of a luxurious hotel. If Rostov leaves, then he will pay the price with his life.

Parish: Season 1 (AMC series streaming on AMC+ 3/31)

If you enjoyed Giancarlo Esposito’s dirty deeds in the Breaking Bad franchise, then you will want to bookmark this series, in which he portrays Gray Perish, a criminal-turned-family man who returns to his old habits after suffering a horrific tragedy. Soon enough, he’s right back in the (driver’s) saddle again, and as the trailer reveals, things get more than bloody.