How Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Answer The Biggest Questions In Its Seven-Season Run?

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10.21.16 6 Comments

It’s been a long 200 days since The Walking Dead‘s sixth season left us frustrated and angry with a finale that many fans of the series hated. Apologies have since been made, and we were all given assurances that the cliffhanger was all part of a bigger plan that we’d understand after we saw the seventh season premiere.

That time arrives on Sunday night. Will The Walking Dead deliver on its promises and make it up to us? Or will the season seven premiere leave us even more disappointed? Before we get to the season premiere, however, we have several questions that we’d like it to answer.

Who Does Negan Kill?

This is the big question and, for many, the only question that matters about The Walking Dead season premiere. Who is on the receiving end of Negan’s baseball bat, Lucille. Will it make sense in the context of Negan’s heartbreaking backstory? We know who it was in the comics. Will Scott Gimple stick to the source material, or will he throw us for a loop? We know from interviews with the episode’s director, Greg Nicotero, that it will be disturbing, and we also know that the choice was not unanimous among those in the writer’s room, but they did choose someone who would create ripples for the remaining survivors. We have our theory, and after six months of waiting, we’re finally going to find out whether the biggest television cliffhanger in years will pay off for AMC.

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