Seth Meyers Rips Don Jr. By Busting Out His Impression Of Kendall Roy From ‘Succession’

Seth Meyers went to town on Donald Trump Jr.’s desperate texts to Mark Meadows during the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building. To Don Jr.’s credit, unlike his father, he did seem concerned with stopping the violence as quickly as possible. However, the texts also seemingly revealed that Don Jr. doesn’t have his dad’s number, which has been a field day for late night comedians.

“Whatever else we find out about the actual attacks, there’s nothing more embarrassing than not having your dad’s number,” Meyers joked before making a solid Succession reference. “Even Kendall Roy gets to talk face to face with Logan.”

Following the Succession quip, Meyers busted out his Kendall impression, which he admits has been getting marginally better over the past three months. (It’s actually not bad.) In fact, Meyers tried it out for Logan Roy actor Brian Cox on an earlier episode who politely called it “incredibly brief.”

However, after dunking on Don Jr., Meyers was feeling pretty confident about his Kendall impression, and the late night comedian stretched the bit out even further by imagining Kendall planning the January 6 rally. Needless to say, Meyers peppered the whole segment with numerous F-bombs, and a surprise impression of Cousin Greg, which we have to say, was stronger than Meyers’ stab at Kendall. He does a mean Nicholas Braun.

(Via Late Night with Seth Meyers)