Tatiana Maslany Has Revealed The ‘She-Hulk’ Scene She That Could Barely Make It Through Without Laughing

With the first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law now streaming on Disney+, star Tatiana Maslany is opening up about becoming the newest MCU hero. Due to the nature of the show, Maslany has to do a lot of motion-capture work for when her character Jennifer Walters is Hulking out. While there were concerns about the CGI when the first trailer hit, the visual effects in the premiere turned out to be fine, but the process almost had an even bigger problem right out of the gate: Maslany couldn’t stop laughing.

“In all those scenes where we look great on camera, we’re actually both just in gray PJs with helmets on our heads and these cameras in front of our faces,” Maslany told Variety. Sometimes you’re walking on a platform, if you’re working with an actor who’s not also a Hulk, so that their eyeline is actually looking up at where your face would be. Or, alternatively, you’ve got this stick on your helmet that has like a frozen She-Hulk smiling face, and they’re talking to that.”

Maslany adapted to the motion capture process for her own performance, but when it came time to film her first scene across from Mark Ruffalo as Smart Hulk, she couldn’t hold it together. It was just too funny.

“I completely forgot that there was one scene where we were in the lab, and Mark had that face on and I was having to talk to it and I couldn’t stop — I was laughing the whole time,” Maslany said. “Like, the whole scene, is me shaking. I couldn’t do it, because it is really destabilizing.”

Here we thought she’d be cracking up about Captain America’s sex life, but trying not to laugh at a piece of cardboard dangling off Mark Ruffalo’s face is pretty funny too.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law streams new episodes Thursdays on Disney+.

(Via Variety)