Academy Award Winner Natalie Portman Romances An Alien’s Butt In This Very Silly ‘SNL’ Offering

Alien romance is complicated. You wouldn’t know it from the exploits of Captain Kirk, but sometimes there are variables your average human isn’t quite prepared for, no matter how horned up they may be. As a result, Saturday Night Live has offered up a cautionary tale about the complexities of dating an alien. Well, it’s a sketch where Academy Award winner Natalie Portman talks to a butt for like five minutes, but you see where we’re going with this.

Last night’s edition of Lorne Michaels’ playhouse featured Portman as a Trek-type captain bedding a blue alien played by Beck Bennett who has a certain atomical quirk. Namely, his face is his butt and his butt is his face. Portman and Bennett play out the scenario with melodramatic sci-fi romance bombast, often with Bennett’s butt waggling to express the assorted feelings he’s having.

“You don’t understand!” shouts Bennett’s ass in emotional pain. “The whole galaxy thinks I’m some kind of freak! Sure, no one else on my planet was actually born this way. And sure, all the psychatrists said it was a false reality I created myself. But tell me this! If that’s the case how did I pee out my mouth?”

If you can’t sort out if this brand of alien ass sketch is your cup of tea at this stage, you likely will never know.