Netflix Admits They’re Just As Confused As ‘The Dark Crystal’ Viewers Over A Disgusting Skeksis Mystery

One week ago, Netflix delivered the ambitious and stunning The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance, which is full of complex, Game of Thrones-esque storytelling and wild visuals. The social media response has been overall positive, but of course, the conversation was bound to go sideways at some point. That’s to be expected, given that many viewers spring from the same fountain that found delight in a gross Avengers: Endgame fan theory about Thanos and Ant-Man, which amused the Russo brothers and led to an arguably fitting response from Josh Brolin and too much seriousness from Paul Rudd. So of course, people were going to zero in on a The Dark Crystal scene that showed one of the Skeksis, well, relieving himself … in an unexpected manner.

Yes, the Skeksis pee. It happens. You do it, I do it, and the antagonistic alien overlords of Thra do it. However, there’s no question that Skeksis do the deed in an unusual way. They seem to emit a trio of pee streams. This has not gone unnoticed and has been listed as an example of “fan disservice” by TV Tropes in as blunt a manner as possible: “The Skeksis pee with three streams.”

It’s true, but is there a … blockage of some sort? Are there … multiple organs involved?

Via Netflix on Twitter

I can’t even imagine how much work went into coordinating these massive, complicated puppets and three streams that don’t even begin in unison, but Netlix admits that they’re “just as confused as you are when it comes to how the Skeksis pee.” Yes, they posted a clip of the moment, so we can think about this far too much.

As one might expect, people are both enraptured and horrified while attempting to understand this gross new entry into Jim Henson canon.

The Dark Crystal is currently streaming (pun fully intended) on Netflix.