Twitter Users Are Having Fun With Kanye West’s Pro-Trump Tweetstorm

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Kanye West has been having a week. He returned to Twitter, swiftly reminding everyone why he probably shouldn’t be on Twitter. On Tuesday, he tweeted about firing his manager, saying, “I no longer have a manager. I can’t be managed. I’m nobody’s ‘client’.” On Wednesday, he was reminded that he still has a manager of sorts, when his wife Kim Kardashian made him tweet a clarification about one of his pro-Trump tweets. Trump also responded to Kanye on Twitter, because we live in the dumbest timeline.

Amid the MAGA tweeting — which seems to have cost him a lot of followers (including friends and family) — Kanye also promoted his upcoming projects, which is one way to hype your work, we guess. He also inspired Jordan Peele to tweet about Get Out 2, so at least we’re getting good jokes out of this. Other people on Twitter have also been making jokes about Kanye’s tweets, starting with the obvious Hurricane Katrina references:

And people wondered how Kim Kardashian is handling everything:

The memes kept coming:

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Via Twitter

Kanye even tweeted about the creepy Dilbert guy, which led to a lot of people wondering what other questionable influences he might glom onto next.

His tweets garnered him some surprising new fans:

But he seems to have lost more fans than he gained, including Mary:

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This is definitely one situation where we don’t need to hear from Ja.

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