Lauren Boebert’s ‘Gazpacho Police’ Moment Led Many People To Speculate What, Exactly, She’s ‘Comprised’ Of

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert cannot stop letting everyone know that she didn’t pay attention to the U.S. civics portion of her GED studies. Whether she’s botching Samuel Adams and John Adams, not knowing what a pronoun is, or fiddling around with the branches of government and ignoring most of the Bill of Rights (she does love that Second Amendment, though), Boebert keeps those hits coming despite frequent schooling from the at-home audience.

Boebert’s got another doozy for the world. While excitedly showcasing her CPAC Texas speech from the weekend, she ended up pulling off a linguistic flub that rivals Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Gazpacho Police” and “Peach Tree Dish” debacles. In doing so, Boebert (presumably) meant to slam Hunter Biden as “compromised” but went with “comprised!” instead.

This, naturally, made people wonder what Boebert’s own noggin is “comprised” of. The leading candidates appear to be “cobwebs, crickets, & conspiracy theories.” However, “air” and “moldy cheese” also make strong contenders. Add in some “hate,” and it’s a recipe for embarrassment.

The most telling aspect of all: Boebert actually deleted the tweet, which is a rare move for her. She even withstood the mockery after calling for more time to read bills before voting on them. Then again, the exclamation mark after “comprised” made this entry a little messier (and cringeworthy) than usual.