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Katie Couric And Bryant Gumbel Reenact Their Internet Gaffe For A Commercial

By | 2 Comments

Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel reenact their 1994 internet gaffe for a BMW commercial.


Hannibal Buress’ Five Finest Hip-Hop Moments

By | 18 Comments

A look back at times Hannibal Buress incorporated hip hop into his comedy.


‘Banshee’ Had Another Fight Scene For The Ages

By | 13 Comments

A GIF-filled recap of the crazy 'Banshee' episode, "A Fixer of Sorts”

Amber Rose

Photoshop Wiz Peejet Wins Today’s Internet With This Amber Rose Edit

By | 14 Comments

Celebrity photoshopper Peejet creates another humorous edit with Amber Rose.


That PM Dawn Reference And The Other Best Moments From This Week’s ‘Archer’

By | 64 Comments

The best and most quotable moments from this week's 'Archer,' including another entry from Sterling's bucket list.


Snitches Avoid Stitches In This Week’s Episode Of ‘Empire’

By | 15 Comments

A recap of the 'Empire' episode "The Devil Quotes Scripture"


The Best Moments And Most Repeatable Lines From The ‘Justified’ Season Premiere

By | 50 Comments

The best and most quotable moments from the 'Justified' season premiere, including the surprising ending.


Snow’s ‘Informer’ Was Part Of MLK’s Dream, Too

By | 16 Comments

Azealia Banks is not gonna like this post one bit.

lupe fiasco

A Quick Convo On Lupe Fiasco’s Nine-Minute Track, ‘Mural’

By | 27 Comments

Listen to Lupe Fiasco's new song "Mural" from 'Tetsuo & Youth.'


‘Louie’ Has An Official Return Date And Pamela Adlon Is Getting Her Own FX Show

By | 7 Comments

Louis C.K. is expanding his role at FX a bit, showcasing an official return date for 'Louie' and a brand new series for Pamela Adlon.


A Group Of Cops In The Dominican Republic Were Arrested After The Cocaine They Captured Went Missing


Several officers and a prosecutor were arrested after a ton of unreported cocaine went missing.


Black Twitter Just Got ‘Empire’ Renewed For A Second Season

By | 23 Comments

Fox renews 'Empire' for second season after two weeks.

glitter explosion

This Is What A Glitter Explosion Looks Like

By | 10 Comments

Someone finally uploaded a video of what one of those glitter bombs looks like when opened.


This Week’s ‘Banshee’ Leaves Everyone Hanging On

By | 11 Comments

Here's a GIF-filled recap of the 'Banshee' episode "Snakes And Whatnot”


The Best Moments And Most Repeatable Lines From This Week’s Revenge-Rampaging ‘Archer’

By | 21 Comments

The best and most quotable moments from this week's 'Archer' that featured the return of Conway Stern.


SyFy’s New Series ‘The Expanse’ Proves That Fedoras Exist Beyond Earth

By | 16 Comments

Here is the trailer for SyFy's new space thriller 'The Expanse'


‘Empire’ Keeps Things Ridiculous, But A Bit Stale

By | 8 Comments

A recap of the 'Empire' episode "The Outspoken King"

#Parks And Recreation

Watch Werner Herzog Sell His Haunted House On The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Premiere

By | 20 Comments

Werner Herzog sells Andy and April their dream home on the 'Park and Recreation' season premiere.

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