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Watch Rihanna’s Revenge-Filled ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ Video

By | 3 Comments

Riri's out to get her paper in the video for 'B*tch Better Have My Money.'


You’re Going To Need Tidal If You’re Looking To Stream Prince’s Music

By | 2 Comments

The Purple One is the latest artist to claim exclusive streaming rights.


Andy Daly Made A ‘Special Announcement’ About The Next Season Of ‘Review’

By | 5 Comments

Forrest MacNeil will be back to host, and there will be a huge change.


Miguel Delivered Some Early Morning ‘Coffee’ On ‘Good Morning America’


Watch Miguel perform his hit single 'Coffee' on 'Good Morning America'

#Game of Thrones

Two ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Fought For Khaleesi’s Honor While She Showed Off Her Valley Girl Accent

By | 6 Comments

There are downsides to playing Daenerys Targaryen from 'Game Of Thrones,' Something Emilia Clarke finds out during her 'Kimmel' visit.

#The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Is Bewildered By Justice Scalia’s Dissent On The Same Sex Marriage Ruling

By | 20 Comments

Jon Stewart reacts to Scalia's marriage equality reaction much in the way you'd expect.

#True Detective

Here’s That Out-Of-Nowhere Ending To This Week’s ‘True Detective’

By | 46 Comments

Things did not end well for a someone on this week's 'True Detective.'


Obama On Same-Sex Marriage Verdict: ‘This Ruling Is A Victory For America’

By | 116 Comments

President Obama addressed the nation on the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage.


Watch Morrissey Perform ‘Kiss Me A Lot’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

By | 2 Comments

The mononymous rocker stopped 'The Tonight Show' to perform his latest single.


Mark Wahlberg And Jimmy Fallon Pretty Much Played ‘Double Dare’ On ‘The Tonight Show’


Seriously, Wahlberg's game on 'The Tonight Show' resembled a 'Double Dare' Physical Challenge.

gang starr

DJ Premier Talks About The Making Of Gang Starr’s ‘Mass Appeal’

By | 7 Comments

DJ Premier and a few others talk about the hit Gang Star record.

major lazer

Jimmy Fallon Declared Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’ The Song Of The Summer

By | 12 Comments

Major Lazer performed the song of the summer on 'The Tonight Show'


Amy Poehler Stopped By ‘Late Night’ For Another Round Of ‘Really!?!’

By | 13 Comments

Seth and Amy recreate some of their Weekend Update magic.

The Internet

The Internet And Kaytranada Are Trying To Get Their ‘Girl’

By | 3 Comments

Check out this new collaboration between The Internet and Kaytranada.

gummy bears

Jon Hamm Explained Why He Was Throwing Gummy Bears At Bonnaroo


Hamm gave some background as to why he and Zach Galifinakis ended up tossing gummy bears at the lead singer of Belle and Sebastian.

#Jimmy Kimmel

Jon Hamm And Lizzy Caplan Competed For Attention In A Delightful Segment On ‘Kimmel’

By | 6 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel had a rare two guest interview segment, and it went pretty well.

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