Krispy Kreme Is Infusing Donuts Into Soda Now

07.13.16 1 year ago

#CheerwineKreme is here! It’s Cheerwine with the flavorful hint of Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed doughnut.

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Dust off your blood-sugar monitors, because the world is getting donut-infused soda. Can we handle this? Maybe. Are we super duper excited? Obviously.

Krispy Kreme has paired up with the Southern soda company Cheerwine to create Cheerwine Kreme, a pinkish beverage that is slightly less carbonated than regular Cheerwine and, according to the Charlotte Observer’s Kathleen Purvis, tastes like “cream soda with a cherry chaser.” (Regular Cheerwine is cherry-flavored, so the comparison makes sense.) Other taste testers from the Observer compared it to Faygo, another small soda with a cult following, and one even gushed, “Not terrible in the way I thought it would be.”

As for the broader internet, some Twitter users seem excited to try Cheerwine’s new offering:

Others, though, have given the soda a mixed review:

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