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Anthony Weiner Song (Jimmy Fallon & Sheryl Crow)


Sheryl Crow helps Jimmy Fallon perform a farewell song to Anthony Weiner.

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Here’s Jimmy Fallon And Sheryl Crow Singing A Song About Anthony Weiner


Ever wanted to see Sheryl Crow and Jimmy Fallon sing about disgraced former congressman and philanderer Anthony Weiner? Well, now's your chance, friend-o.


Anthony Weiner Flipped The Bird To Reporters After He Conceded Defeat

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Beleaguered former congressman Anthony Weiner gave reporters something to remember him by as he drove away after losing the New York City mayoral race.


Jon Stewart Delivered The Anthony Weiner Segment To End All Anthony Weiner Segments Last Night

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Watch and then let's all agree to never speak of this Weiner fellow ever again.


Watch Two Jews, One Of Them Named Anthony Weiner, Yell At Each Other In A Deli. Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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Anthony Weiner visited a Jewish deli in Brooklyn today. All sorts of wacky hijinks then ensued.


Anthony Weiner Made The 2013 West Indian Day Parade His Own

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Seeing as how I'm not from New York, I can appreciate Anthony Weiner in a totally different light than those who might end up under his watch were he to win his mayoral bid.


If They Melded: Anthony Weiner + Courtney Love Edition


Conan O’Brien mashes together video footage of more celebrities, and the results are horrifying.


Sydney Leathers Is Officially A Porn Star And Plans To Confront Anthony Weiner In New York

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The woman on the receiving end of Anthony Weiner's last sex messages, Sydney Leathers, made a solo sex tape for Vivid Entertainment.


John Oliver To Anthony Weiner: ‘No. No. No. You Are Not 9/11-ing Your D*ck Pics!’

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Anthony Weiner has really pissed off John Oliver Now: "You are not 9/11-ing your d*ck pics. No! No! There is a line, and you just went over that line!"

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Anthony Weiner Sexting Pal Sydney Leathers Held Nothing Back In An Interview With Howard Stern

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Sydney Leathers to Howard Stern: "I think (Weiner's) a little too busy jacking off to do anything for the city."


Video: MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Called Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Partner ‘Batsh*t’

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MSNBC's Thomas Roberts, while speaking about Anthony Weiner's most recent sexting partner, referred to Sydney Leathers as 'batsh*t' on air.


Kristen Chenoweth Performed A Song About Anthony Weiner Set To ‘Wicked’s’ ‘Popular.’ Wait, What?


Answer: No Clue. Question: What in the holy high hell is going on in this video and why is anyone singing about Anthony Weiner?


John Oliver Helped Put The Nail In Anthony Weiner's Political Coffin On 'The Daily Show' Last Night

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The Daily Show's John Oliver on Anthony Weiner: "A sinking poll is the least of this guy’s problems."


A Minor League Team Wants Fans To Tweet Their Hot Dogs For Anthony Weiner

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Oh how Minor League Baseball loves courting controversy with the most salacious of promotional events.

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Carlos Danger Enters NYC Mayoral Race


Carlos Danger (Jimmy Fallon) announces his candidacy for the New York City mayoral race.


Junk Squad


Finally, a service to help politicians who didn't grow up in the digital age safely text pictures of their privates.


Of Course People Want To Know If Eliot Spitzer Is Having Sex With Prostitutes Again


Thanks to Anthony Weiner's latest batch of lewd messages, people are asking Eliot Spitzer if he's been canoodling with any escorts since his scandal.

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Spirit Airlines Took A Shot At Anthony Weiner Again With Another Zany Ad


Just like in 2011, Spirit Airlines has launched an ad campaign that makes fun of Anthony Weiner's latest extramarital online affairs.


VIDEO: Anthony Weiner — AKA ‘Carlos Danger’ — Is Sorry About Sending Lewd Messages. Again.

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New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner -- aka "Carlos Danger" -- got caught with his pants down. Again.

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Jimmy Fallon’s Anthony Weiner Campaign Video


Jimmy Fallon crams as many penis puns into the first minute of his show with a fake campaign ad for New York City mayor candidate Anthony Weiner.

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