18-year-old obsessed with Into the Wild still missing in Oregon

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An 18-year-old student at Mesa Community College in Arizona went missing on his way back from Seattle over the weekend.


An Arizona Man Is Having A Great Time Tracking Down A Woman Who Stole His Amazon Package

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After a camera caught a woman stealing his Amazon package from his front door, an Arizona man took to the streets with some hilarious wanted posters.


Mexicans Are The New Indians: The Arizona Diamondbacks Have A Luchador Mascot

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When you think "Arizona," you think "appealing to the Hispanic community," right.


Amy’s Baking Company Began Its Grand Re-Opening Week Tonight

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Scottsdale's Amy's Baking Company, which became famous after its owners allegedly had an insane meltdown on Facebook, held its grand re-opening tonight.


Pictures: Steven Seagal in a fancy scarf training a posse of armed vigilantes

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Last week, I told you about how Steven Seagal would be <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2013/02/steven-seagal-and-joe-arpaio-are-training-a-posse-of-school-shooting-first-responders" target="_blank">teaming up</a> with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to train "a posse" on how to respond to school shootings.


Not The Lockout NHL News: The Phoenix Coyotes Are Changing Names

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This is probably the least important story of all time, but it's about the NHL and has nothing to do with the goddamn lockout, so I'm writing about it: the Phoenix Coyotes are considering a name change.


Self Deportation Station


Arizona governor Jan Brewer (Mary Steenburgen) introducing the Self Deportation Station, for all your self-deporting needs.


The History of London Bridge


London Bridge has been rebuilt twice.


Former AZ state senator Mark Wahlberg’d the Aurora shooting, basically

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Some months back, Mark Wahlberg made headlines when he told Men's Journal that if he had been on the planes that hit the towers on 9/11, "<a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2012/01/marky-mark-says-he-wouldve-have-stopped-911-doesnt-masturbate" target="_blank">it wouldn't have went down the way it did</a>.

#Justin Bieber

Tony Parker, Justin Bieber Used As Examples Of People We Want In Our Country

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Illinois representative Luis Gutierrez knows the secrets to arguing about important, real-life things on the Internet -- sarcasm, topicality and, if possible, Justin Bieber-related photoshops.


Arizona's Dumb Attempt To Outlaw Trolling Tramples All Over The First Amendment, Naturally

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<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/4588376134_e6ae04457f.jpg"></a>Oh brother -- here we go again.

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‘Tampons Soaked in Vodka’

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Because teenagers are stupid and annoying, I sometimes forget about the often difficult quest of getting wasted when you're underage.


The Autotuned Version Of ‘Reality Hits You Hard, Bro’ We’ve All Been Waiting For


George Lindell survived a car accident and then gave an, um, energetic interview to the local news on the sidewalk.

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A Star Is Born.

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Meet George Lindell, who survived a violent car accident in which -- surprisingly -- no one was hurt.


@Storytime: Darnell Dockett Almost Brings A Gun To Practice

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Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett is the reason why the <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/tag/storytime">@Storytime</a> series exists.


And You Guys Thought Kate Upton Was Fat

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  Arizona's Susanne Eman is already a world record holder.

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Arizona Police Still Investigating Dong-Shooting

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I posted <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2011/08/local-arizona-news-man-shoots-self-in-groin" target="_blank">this local news story</a> the other day because (A) a man shooting himself in the penis with a pink gun is inherently funny, and (B) the man-on-street interviews are absolutely essential journalistic touches ("A bullet in your penis.


Local Arizona News: Man Shoots Self in Groin

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Echoing the example set by NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress, an Arizona man shot himself in the groin while tucking a pistol into his waistband, thus creating the impetus for this enlightening local news segment from ABC15.


News Anchors Love Them Some Haboob


First off, some knowledge: A haboob is a type of sandstorm (thanks, <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haboob">Wikipedia</a>).

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