A Clash Of The Mashup Titans: Ginuwine/Daft Punk Vs. Depeche Mode/Kanye West

Take a shot of Ginuwine/Daft Punk mashup, and chase it with Depeche Mode/Kanye West.

personal yeezus

Allow Your Own 'Personal Yeezus' To Kick Your Weekend Off Right

If you thought "Meow Men" would be the last mashup I posted this week, well, you were WRONG. Depeche Mode + Kanye = "Personal Yeezus."

Swearing Gets You Places

David Letterman Tried To Get A.J. Clemente His Bleeping News Anchor Job Back


David Letterman had swearing former anchor and Internet sensation A.J. Clemente on his show.

#david letterman

Depeche Mode Is Still Alive And Kicking, Performed On Letterman Last Night


Does anyone know what Depeche Mode means? Is it anything like "beast mode?" Probably not, right?

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