A Clash Of The Mashup Titans: Ginuwine/Daft Punk Vs. Depeche Mode/Kanye West


Take a shot of Ginuwine/Daft Punk mashup, and chase it with Depeche Mode/Kanye West.

depeche mode

Allow Your Own 'Personal Yeezus' To Kick Your Weekend Off Right


If you thought "Meow Men" would be the last mashup I posted this week, well, you were WRONG. Depeche Mode + Kanye = "Personal Yeezus."

depeche mode

David Letterman Tried To Get A.J. Clemente His Bleeping News Anchor Job Back

By | 3 Comments

David Letterman had swearing former anchor and Internet sensation A.J. Clemente on his show.

david letterman

Depeche Mode Is Still Alive And Kicking, Performed On Letterman Last Night

By | 18 Comments

Does anyone know what Depeche Mode means? Is it anything like "beast mode?" Probably not, right?

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