Meet The Adorable Russian Pizza Guy Who Delivered Ellen's Oscars Pizza

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Edgar from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Hollywood finally got his $600 tip on Monday's 'Ellen' show.


Liza Minnelli Was On The Losing End Of Ellen's Awesome Oscars Selfie

By | 21 Comments

Someone took a photo of Ellen's Oscar selfie from behind as it happened, and it revealed Liza Minnelli being the odd woman out.


The Best Parodies Of Ellen's Celebrity Selfie Seen 'Round The World

By | 5 Comments

Everyone in the world has seen Ellen's Oscars selfie. But what about these selfies?


Ellen's Epic Oscars Selfie Belongs In A Museum

By | 20 Comments

The celebrity selfie to end all celebrity selfies.


With Leather’s Watch This: NL MVP Andrew McCutchen Proposed On ‘Ellen’

By | 4 Comments

Pittsburgh Pirates star and NL MVP Andrew McCutchen proposed to his girlfriend during his appearance on 'Ellen.'

#Mad Men

‘Mad Men Without Smoking’ Replaces Don Draper’s Cigarettes With Something Much More Enjoyable

By | 3 Comments

Don Draper stops sucking on deadly cancer sticks and starts blowing on something much more upbeat and celebratory.

Ellen Made Amy Poehler Watch Videos Of Scary Pranks. She Was Not Impressed.

By | 8 Comments

It turns out scary prank videos turn Amy Poehler into Grumpy Cat.

ellen degeneres

Drake Performed A Song And Awkwardly Played ‘Who Has Drake Dated?’ On ‘Ellen’


Drake dropped by "Ellen" to perform a song and play awkward games.


Steve Carell Went On ‘Ellen’ Dressed As His ‘Despicable Me’ Character

By | 15 Comments

Dammit if Steve Carell isn't just always proving himself to be the nicest, most gracious guy on the planet.


Steve Carell as Gru on ‘Ellen’


<a href="">Steve Carell</a> dressed up as his character from the Despicable Me franchise for <a href="">Ellen Degeneres</a>.


Bone Cancer Survivor’s Unique Talent


Jen has incredible range of motion in her hip as a result of the bone cancer she had at a young age.


Kate McKinnon Takes Over ‘Ellen’


'Saturday Night Live' star Kate McKinnon does her perfect Ellen DeGeneres impression right next to Ellen.


Ellen Announces ‘Finding Dory’


Ellen DeGeneres tells her audience that Pixar is officially making a sequel to Finding Nemo, based on her character.




Find out what happens when five old men are forced to live in the same house and have to compete against each other to become the next Pope.


Justin Flom’s Magic Mint Retrieval Trick


Magician Justin Flom shows off a crazy magic trick on Ellen.


Here Is Amanda Seyfried Rapping While Wearing A Giant Frog Head

By | 8 Comments

This is a video of Amanda Seyfried doing Dr. Dre's verse from "California Love" while wearing a giant frog head on "Ellen." Don't ask questions. You'll ruin it.

Olivia Newton John

John Travolta And Olivia Newton-John Ruined Christmas For Everyone

By | 13 Comments

Just in time for Christmas, a horrible song about Christmas.


Now Even Spider-Man Is Doing Gangnam Style


"Gangnam Style" is our gift, our curse.


The First Clip From ‘Community’ Season Four Is Here (And The Morning Links)


Watch Jeff and the Dean in a dress dance together (it might be the only new "Community" clip we see for awhile), and the rest of the Morning Links.

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