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New ‘Man Of Steel’ Clip: Zod Is Basically A Nazi And Jor-El’s Not Having It

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In the newest 'Man Of Steel' clip, Jor-El confronts General Zod over Zod's genocidal plans for Krypton.


Never Insult Superman’s Mom: Zod Gets Punched, Faora Fights Chris Meloni In ‘Man Of Steel’ Clips

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'Man Of Steel' opens next week, so the actors are showing new clips on chat shows. We have two of those clips.


Henry Cavill Almost Missed The Call That He’d Play Superman Because He Was Playing ‘World Of Warcraft’

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Henry Cavill explains to Jay Leno how his "World Of Warcraft" dedication almost cost him his role as Superman.


The 5th ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer has explosions and… Jesus?

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Today, courtesy of Nokia (I don't really know what that means but it says it on the trailer), we have the fifth, and hopefully final trailer for Man of Steel.


New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Reminds Us Why This Movie Has Already Grossed $170 Million

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The final trailer for 'Man Of Steel' is here, and it's already grossed at least $170 million from ad sponsorships.


The ‘S’ Stands For ‘Sexy’: First Two Clips From ‘Man Of Steel’ And A Hot TV Spot

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The first two clips and another TV spot from 'Man Of Steel' have arrived.


‘Man Of Steel’ 13-Minute Video, 25 New Pictures, Sequel News, And An Easter Egg

By | 12 Comments

Warner has released a 13-minute 'Man Of Steel' featurette and a huge batch of pictures, plus an Easter egg update.


Superman Can’t Be Controlled In Three More ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spots

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Three new TV spots for 'Man Of Steel' just came out, and Lois Lane is blasting some Kryptonian weaponry.


These ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spots And GIFs Totally Punched Our Zod

By | 15 Comments

Three action-packed new 'Man of Steel' TV spots are out, and we've collected new GIFs from these clips.


Second ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Brings The Heat Vision And Pile Of Skulls

By | 27 Comments

The intense second trailer for 'Man of Steel' shows humanity "suffering the consequences" of sheltering Superman.


Check Out The Final ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer

By | 30 Comments

In case you weren’t sold by the first, second, fifth, second to last, foreign language, or Taiwanese News Agency trailers, here is the final Man of Steel trailer to convince you to go see it when the film is finally released on June 14.


Superman Gets Angry And Zod Has Laser Eyes In ‘Man Of Steel’ TV Spots, Posters, And GIFs

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Four new 'Man of Steel' TV spots show new footage, and we also have 16 relevant 'Man of Steel' GIFs (with a Batman cameo), four posters, and a photoshop.


The New ‘Man Of Steel’ TV Spot Is Just A Wee Bit Epic (And Playing ‘WoW’ Almost Cost Henry Cavill The Job)

By | 18 Comments

If the 'Man Of Steel' trailer wasn't enough epic-ness for your liking, a new TV spot is here to save the day. Plus, Henry Cavill talks about gaming.


Man of Steel Trailer: Russell Crowe says Superman is your God now

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Today brings us the longest trailer yet for Man of Steel, the Zack Snyder-directed, Christopher Nolan-produced Superman movie starring Amy Adams and Henry Cavill, with Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner as Superman's adopted gay dads.


40 ‘Man Of Steel’ GIFs To Superpower Your Morning

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The trailer for 'Man Of Steel' dropped last night, and the internet pulled another all-nighter to bring us a bounty of 'Man Of Steel' GIFs and photoshops.


Don’t Call Him Super: The New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Is Just A Wee Bit Epic

By | 20 Comments

The new 'Man Of Steel' trailer (and accompanying screencaps) makes the case that June 14th need to speeding bullet itself to our eyeballs immediately.


General Zod Demands Earthlings Hand Over Superman In ‘Man Of Steel’ Teaser

By | 7 Comments

Zod addresses Earth in a 'Man Of Steel' teaser, and we also have a TV spot and a new picture of Henry Cavill as Superman.


Superman Takes Flight And Zod Takes Metamucil In New ‘Man Of Steel’ Pictures

By | 26 Comments

Warner released several new 'Man of Steel' pictures, including Superman in flight, Russell Crowe as Jor-El, and General Zod's Metamucil endorsement.

Christopher Nolan

Rumor: Christian Bale will return as Batman in Justice League

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The Justice League rumor mill has been working overtime for months now - for years, if you count George Miller's thankfully-<a href="" target="_blank">scrapped attempt</a> to bring it to theaters - and with all the problems facing our country and planet, I can think of few things more important than the whens, hows, and whys of Superman broing down with Batman and Mighty Mouse.


'Godzilla' Remake Is Starting To Look As Disastrous As Its Titular Beast


'Godzilla' gains one producer and loses two, possibly gaining a lawsuit. Plus a new writer signs for yet another rewrite and casting options are rumored.

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