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Activision Jumps Right Over the Moral Horizon, Hires Oliver North

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Let's just get this out of the way right now: Oliver North was part of a group within the US intelligence structure that sold weapons to Iran in order to raise money for a war Congress had specifically told the executive not to fund, because the people in question were also drug dealers.

black ops 2

The Next "Call of Duty" Will Apparently Be Modern Day

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Let's all be shocked there's a new "Call of Duty" game coming out and that it's a sequel to "Black Ops".


LG Advertises 3D With Iconic Movie Posters From Different Angles

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Here's some noteworthy new advertising: for LG's "3D Sound" home theater system, ad agency Y&R has created three iconic movie posters from alternative angles to emphasize "Every Side of the Sound.


TNT Places Big Red 'Add Drama' Button In Belgian Square, Genius Viral Marketing Ensues


I haven't had the chance to visit Belgium yet, but thanks to Colin Farrell effectively convincing me so in In Bruges every time I think of Belgium I associate it with being boring as hell.


If Don Draper Handled Modern Marketing


As we've been priming ourselves for the return of Mad Men and <a href="" target="_blank">providing a crash course on Classic Rogers</a> I can't help but think about the numerous business ventures in our modern internet era that could have used the Don Draper touch.


Microsoft Tries To Convince Hipsters To Use Internet Explorer

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<a href=""></a>You know, our stock of Internet Explorer jokes were getting stale.


Great Moments In Movie Marketing: American Reunion goes MILF Hunting

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With American Reunion set to be released on April 6, it’s only standard that Universal Pictures would amp up the promotional campaigns to try to milk every last drop out of the franchise’s prostate.


“John Carter” Featurette Hits New Low In Audience Expectations

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This is how you know a studio has failed to properly market a movie: they put out a minute long YouTube video explaining what the movie is actually about, complete with pop music and a jokey narrator.


“Amazing Spider-Man” Sneak Peek Screening…Nowhere Near You


Sony Pictures, in order to drum up interest for their movie starring the obscure comic book character Spider Man, will be running a sizzle reel across the world on February 7th.



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The <a href="../post.phtml?pk=2287" title="The Punisher: War Zone Debacle">news last week</a> was that Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander was MIA during the Comic-Con panel.

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