Maury Povich Is Being Sued By A Distraught Prison Dad Who Saw His Daughter On TV

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Maury is getting sued by a dude in prison who was NOT OK with seeing his daughter on the 'Maury' show.

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Dialogue From ‘Maury’ Dubbed To ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ Is An Instant Holiday Classic

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The crew at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' have really outdone themselves with this PERFECT mash-up of 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' and 'Maury.'


No Father’s Day Is Complete Without This Maury Povich Show Dance Compilation

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Celebrate fathers everywhere with this hilarious dance compilation that features men overreacting with joy to paternity tests on 'Maury.'


Connie Chung Got Wine Drunk And Reenacted A ‘Maury’ Episode With Her Husband On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

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Connie Chung and husband Maury Povich joined Andy Cohen on this week's episode of 'Watch What Happens Live' to amazingly act out a scene from 'Maury'.

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Amazing ‘Maury’ Couple Arrested In A Hotel Brawl The Night Before Taping

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If you're slated to appear on 'Maury' and have a tattoo on your neck that says "cut throat," odds are you're not gonna make it to the show.


TMZ’s Phil Mickelson Story Is Amazing

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The story: A guy on a message board somewhere posted a thing about how golf pro Phil Mickelson and his wife were cheating on each other a la "Escape (The PiƱa Colada Song)" and mentioned that Lefty had fathered an illegitimate child.


In The Case Of 27-Year Old Khloe Kardashian … Robert, You Are NOT The Father!

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You don't have to be an accredited laboratory technician to look at Khloe Kardashian and say, "hey, that eight-foot tall white monster lady doesn't look anything like her four-foot tall Armenian princess sisters", but thanks to some combination of X needing money and Y needing to stay in the tabloids, it's official: According to a report from Radar Online by way of Star magazine, Khloe Kardashian is not a Kardashian, and patriarch Robert took a "well, duh" approach in explaining where she came from.

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Man On ‘Maury’ Believes Myspace Tom Is His Girlfriend’s Real Baby-Daddy


Well this is kind of weird -- in more ways than one: Earlier today I referenced Myspace Tom, joking about my long-held belief that he murders prostitutes and buries them in his backyard.


Dramatic Reveal on ‘Maury': Woman Total Slut

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There aren't a lot of twists on "Maury" that can surprise me: after a while, all the paternity suits start to feel the same.



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Yesterday's Watchmen news was that Warner Bros was shooting for an April court date, while Fox, seeking to stop the release, was aiming for June.

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