The Ballad Of Lindsay Lohan Now Involves Scratching, Choking, And Kim Kardashian

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This sentence was sadly inevitable: "Lohan was attacked by a man in her Manhattan hotel after she demanded he delete cellphone pictures he took of her."


Here’s A Never Before Seen Video Of Amy Poehler Rapping With Tina Fey And Lindsay Lohan

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With no explanation whatsoever this grainy home video of Amy Poehler spitting hot fire over the Kevin G rap from Mean Girls has surfaced today.


McKayla Maroney Went On Letterman And Did The Face

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The United States women's gymnastics team appeared on'The Late Show With David Letterman' last night, and after talking about winning the gold medal and London the conversation turned to my single favorite part of the 2012 Olympics: McKayla Maroney and the fierce as hell grumpface she made after falling on the vault and settling for a silver medal.


30 GIFs To Celebrate Lizzy Caplan's 30th Birthday

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Were we ever to write an Uproxx Hall of Fame list, compiling together our favorite people and corgis, Lizzy Caplan would on it, first-ballot.


Lindsay Lohan Will Play Elizabeth Taylor and Rosie O’Donnell Is Pissed About It

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Yesterday it was announced that Lindsay Lohan will continue her attempted comeback by <a href="">portraying screen legend Elizabeth Taylor</a> in an upcoming Lifetime Original Movie titled Liz & Dick.


Meme Watch: LOLSummer69 Thinks Tumblr Has Always Wanted To See Them Naked


This past Saturday, the 23rd, just about every Tumblr user received the following anonymous spam message in their Tumblr inbox: Pretty sure you've always wanted to see me naked.



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<a href="" target="_blank">Higher res version here</a>Fierce People has been showing at various festivals for two years and is finally getting a limited US release.

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