Cardale Jones

Being A Kid In A Hospital Won’t Stop Ohio State QB Cardale Jones From Dominating You At Video Games

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An athlete visiting a kid at a local hospital is a pastime that dates back at least as far as Lou Gehrig visiting "Little Billy" in 1928.


Mystery Solved (Kind Of): Turns Out OSU Girl Was Probably Sitting With Her Boyfriend

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The mystery of OSU Girl and the man sitting next to her has probably been solved.


Who's Got NCAA Tournament Headline Jokes? Dayton Flyers Got Headline Jokes

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After the Dayton Flyers pulled off the first upset of the 2014 NCAA Tournament, the Dayton Daily News poked fun at Ohio State with its front page headline.


Ohio State’s Amir Williams Comments On His Coach’s Dick-Riding. Sorry, ‘Back-Riding.’

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Amir Williams of the Ohio State basketball team attributes his success to Coach Matta being "on his dick." Well, in so many words.


With Leather’s Watch This: Ohio State’s Band Paid Tribute To The Gettysburg Address

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Reminding us all that they're the best in the business, the Ohio State marching band honored the Gettysburg address this weekend.

The Big 10

Ohio State Upsets Indiana 67-58

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The Big 10's going to be well-represented come bracket season (which is almost here.

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Holy Zelda, Ohio State University Marching Band’s Tribute To Video Games Is All Kinds Of Awesome

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Watch the Buckeyes marching band perform a tribute to video games, including Pokemon, Halo, and Space Invaders.


Links With The Worst Class Ever


INSET PICTURE: Twilight is required reading for an Honors English class at <a href="">Ohio State</a>.

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