Oscar Poll Finds That 71% Of Viewers Want Neil Patrick Harris To Return As A Host

By | 11 Comments

A majority of Oscar watchers polled want Neil Patrick Harris to return as host.


Frotcast 240: Fifty Shades Of Porn Habits, With Jane Harrison

By | 15 Comments

The Oscars, 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' and it's time to think... piece, with Bret.


Here’s A Rather Peaceful Supercut Of Actors Taking Breaths At The Oscars


As it turns out, people breathe a lot when accepting an Academy Award.


‘Imitation Game’ Screenwriter Graham Moore Clarifies That He’s Not Gay

By | 37 Comments

Graham Moore revealed his suicide attempt because he "felt weird," but clarifies that it wasn't because he's gay.


Julie Andrews Gave The Cheekiest Answer To This ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Question


The actress admits in an interview with Kelly Ripa that she hasn't seen the S&M movie but doesn't mind a little spanking.

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Fox News Is Trashing Patricia Arquette’s Wage Equality Oscar Speech

By | 65 Comments

A Fox News contributor claimed she was "appalled" by the actresses' Oscar acceptance speech. For some reason, this just isn't surprising.


Travolta, Outrage, And Dancing Legos: Eight Thoughts About The Oscars Telecast

By | 155 Comments

The "Everything Is Awesome" number was amazing and I will fight you if you disagree.

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Here Are Five Things We’ll Remember Most About The 2015 Oscars

By | 31 Comments

Here are the highs and the lows that we will remember from the 87th Academy Awards.

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Meryl Streep’s GIF Reaction To Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Speech Was Priceless

By | 42 Comments

Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez react to Patricia Arquette's call for wage equality.

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Neil Patrick Harris Opened The Oscars With A White People Joke Before Singing With Anna Kendrick

By | 2 Comments

You'll never believe this you guys, but Neil Patrick Harris turned his Oscars opening monologue into a musical!

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Watch Apple’s Touching Oscars Commercial Featuring Martin Scorsese And Student Filmmakers


The ad features students making movies with the iPad 2 and Scorsese's remarks at the 2014 NYU Tisch School of the Arts commencement.


Talking Without Words: A Look Back At How The Writers Strike Nearly Crippled The 1988 Academy Awards


Before Jon Stewart took the stage in 2008, the 1988 writers strike completely crippled the Oscars and then-host Chevy Chase.

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The 87th Academy Awards: Vegas Odds, Prop Bets, And Live Thread

By | 1,872 Comments

Talking, betting, drinking - it's all here in the Oscars live thread.

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Here Are Your 2015 Oscar Presenters And Performers

By | 2 Comments

Performers include Lady Gaga, Jack Black, Anna Kendrick and Tegan and Sara with The Lonely Island.

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Here’s Who Would Win Best Picture If The Public Could Vote For The Oscars

By | 10 Comments

American Sniper, Birdman, and the rest of the Oscar nominees for best picture might have a tougher time if the public decided who won.

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