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This Fugitive Was Arrested After He Gave A Newspaper His Opinion On The Washington Redskins Controversy

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This brazen criminal gave his thoughts on the Washington Redskins name change in an opinion article.


A Victim Of The Pennsylvania High School Stabbing Attack Took A Heroic Hospital Selfie

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The only acceptable time to take a selfie? Right after you’ve saved a bunch of lives.


The Philadelphia 76ers Signed Kevin Grow, The 3-Point Phenom With Down Syndrome

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Kevin Grow, the Pennsylvania high school basketball manager with Down syndrome, has been signed to a two-day contract by the Philadelphia 76ers.


Video Of The Year Nominee: A High School Senior With Down Syndrome Drains Four 3-Pointers

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The Bensalem High School basketball team let a boy with Down syndrome play and he drained some three-pointers while the crowd went crazy.


A Pennsylvania Couple Died From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After Boinking In A Parked Car

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A 40 year old man and woman in Pennsylvania are dead of succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning after having sex in a parked car in a garage.

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If You’re Going To Rob A Music Store, First Make Sure The Owner Isn’t A Cage Fighter

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A music store owner caught a guy trying to steal from him and when he pulled a knife, the owner's cage fighter instincts and he put him to sleep.


Pro Tip: Don’t Take Off An Opponent’s Helmet And Try To Beat Him To Death With It

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A high school football player is facing assault charges for removing his opponent's helmet and using it as a weapon


Remember The Baby Left In The Toilet So His Mom Could Watch SummerSlam? Nancy Grace Hashtagged It.

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Nancy Grace honored the memory of the child murdered by its mother in a Pennsylvania sports bar with the hashtag #TOILETBABY, because she is the devil.


A Woman Left Her Newborn Child To Die In A Toilet So She Could Watch SummerSlam

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A Pennsylvania woman gave birth and a sports bar and left it to die in a toilet so she could smoke cigarettes and watch WWE SummerSlam.


A 12-Year Old Boy In Pennsylvania Robbed A Lemonade Stand With A BB Gun

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A 12-year old boy in Pennsylvania was arrested for stealing $30 from a lemonade stand by threatening younger children with a BB gun.


A Man Paid To Protect $102,000 Worth Of Vintage Whiskey Drank It All Instead

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A B&B caretaker in Pennsylvania is being charged with drinking $102,000 worth of vintage whiskey after seven months of DNA testing proved he did it.


PayPal Accidentally Credited A Man $92 Quadrillion

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A Pennsylvania man received a heck of a surprise when his PayPal balance revealed that he had a credit of $92 quadrillion dollars in his account.

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Parents Of The Year Drove With Their Daughter In A Crate Because The Dog Was Crying

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A young girl's parents were arrested for endangering her welfare, as they drove with her in a cage in the back of a pickup on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.


Tolkien Fan Builds His Own Hobbit House Just To Store His Collection

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In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. And in Chester County, Pennsylvania, there lived a lucky S.O.B. who built his own hobbit house.


Important Update: I'm Still Not Buying The Lawnmower Kid's Tebowing Story

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Last month, 17-year old Josh Ehrenberg shoehorned himself into the national news scene when he told a local TV news crew that <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/08/man-attacked-teenager-celebrated-tebowin">a man attacked him while he was mowing his lawn</a>.


The Best Of Chikara Pro Wrestling At The Reading Phillies’ FirstEnergy Stadium

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Professional wrestling at a Minor League Baseball ballpark, right as the Minor League season is ending and wrestling enters that weird lull period between the summer and WrestleMania.


News Story Of The Year: Man Tebowed After Pushing Kid From Tractor… Or Did He???

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In a bizarre news story that is spreading across the Intertubes like wildfire, 17-year old Josh Ehrenberg from Shenango, Pennsylvania recently filed a police report after a man assaulted him while he was mowing the lawn.

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Why The Heck Isn’t Gary Busey The National Spokesperson For Kia?

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Last July, the decision-makers and brain trust at Century III Kia in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania gathered and asked the all-important question – “Which D-list-or-lower celebrity best represents the quality of the automobiles that we are trying to sell to the working class American.


Today In Lady Parts

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The female form has been the subject of endless speculation and misinformation throughout the centuries.


What Is The World Protesting Now?


While the world watched major modern revolutions over the past few weeks, some of the people who had the most influence and impact aren’t quite so quick to take their due credit.

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