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Superheroes Get The Classic Art Treatment In Worth 1000′s ‘Superhero ModRen’

By | 3 Comments

We've collected our favorites from 'Superhero ModRen', Worth 1000's long-running contest in which members photoshop superheroes into iconic art works.


With Leather’s Watch This: Stop Spreading This Fake ‘Space Jam 2′ Poster Again

By | 3 Comments

Once again, this excellent but fake 'Space Jam 2' poster is making the rounds and fooling people into thinking that LeBron James will suit up.


Pete Holmes Polls Cosplayers About Being Horny At New York Comic-Con

By | 9 Comments

On The Pete Holmes Show, Pete visited New York Comic-Con, as well as doing another 'All The Games' segment.


Try To Look Innocent: Chris Hemsworth Knows About The Internet’s Thor Puns

By | 3 Comments

Chris Hemsworth was on Conan last night, being shown several photoshopped Thor puns and asked to react to them.


War On Kinkade: ‘Star Wars’ Makes Thomas Kinkade Paintings Pop With Class And Elegance

By | 6 Comments

Jeff Bennett added 'Star Wars' imagery to schmaltzy Thomas Kinkade paintings for his 'War On Kinkade' parody mashups.


‘Batman Versus Superman’ Writer Reveals Whom He’d Pick To Win A Fight

By | 16 Comments

The screenwriter of 'Batman Versus Superman', David Goyer, won't reveal the plot, but he does have his own opinion about who should win in a fight.


These Pop Culture Engagement Photoshops Make All Other Marriages Obsolete

By | 11 Comments

No one else can get married, because these engagement photos are THE BEST.


Matt Damon Supports Ben Affleck’s Batman Casting, Disses Batman

By | 24 Comments

Matt Damon defends Ben Affleck's Batman casting, disses Batman, and says he's seen one of those Robin photoshops about him. (Plus a glorious GIF)


Val Kilmer Weighs In On Ben Affleck As Batman (Plus More Batfleck Memes)

By | 10 Comments

Val Kilmer, Adam West, and others weigh in on Ben Affleck playing Batman. We've also collected more funny Batfleck photoshops, GIFs, and tweets.


Batfleck Rises: The Funniest Internet Reactions To Ben Affleck Being Cast As Batman

By | 67 Comments

We've collected the funniest Twitter reactions and photoshops about Ben Affleck's casting as Batman in 'Man of Steel 2'.


What Would Our Print Media Look Like If The Avengers Were Real? MediAvengers Investigates.

By | 5 Comments

If The Avengers existed in real life, they'd usurp the celebrities and athletes in our print media. Mediavengers has photoshopped this version of reality.


Man Of Blue Steel Is The Superman Parody The Internet Needs Right Now

By | 10 Comments

My favorite Man of Steel rip thus far, if only because of all the excellent Superman meets Zoolander lines it has inspired.


The 12 Best Tobias Fünke ‘Insert Me Anywhere’ Photoshops, GIFs, And Videos Thus Far

By | 26 Comments

And now to prematurely shoot our wads on what was supposed to be a dry run.


The Internet’s 10 Funniest Reactions To Kim Kardashian’s Floral Couch Dress

By | 14 Comments

The double-edged sword of fame whoredom is swift and unforgiving.


New ‘Star Wars’ Video Games Coming From EA, Which Just Signed An Exclusivity Deal With Disney

By | 11 Comments

Disney made an exclusive deal with Electronics Arts (EA) to develop and publish most 'Star Wars' games. Here are the photoshopped possibilities.


Stoops, Death Reels, And Buscemeyes: The Internet's Best Steve Buscemi Tributes


Steve Buscemi doesn't so much bait the internet as the internet baits Steve Buscemi. Wait. Huh?

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