Great News, Dads: Pole Dancing Classes Are Finally Being Offered For Kids


We’ve made no secret of our appreciation of pole dancing as a sport in the past, from coverage of international pole dancing competitions to Chicago Bears fan busting their asses to the superstar athletes at Rick’s Cabaret and their appreciation of this site.


New York City's Virgins Are Rallying Around Their Ultimate Icon, Tim Tebow


The New York Jets are 0-2 in the 2012 NFL Preseason thus far, and quarterback Mark Sanchez is a combined 13/17 for 80 yards, 0 TD and 1 INT in those two games.


Happy 25th Birthday, Timothy Richard Tebow!


If you weren’t aware that today is New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow’s birthday, then you probably haven’t turned on a TV or logged into Facebook or Twitter yet.


Making Sense Of This Jeremy Lin Ordeal: Exotic Dancer Edition


Here’s an abridged version of the NBA offseason to date: The lockout changed nothing, owners didn’t learn, nor did they want to learn, because they’re still giving out awful contracts, and they just wanted to make sure they’d get more back from the league so they’d stop losing money.

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Magic Gob: 12 Memorable TV Scenes Involving Stripping


After many months of C-Tates GIFs and Matthew McConaughey "alright alright alright" impressions, Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike, which aims to legitimatize strippers the way Ed did for baseball-playing monkeys, will be finally be released tomorrow.


Our Favorite Exotic Dancers Weighed In On The Subway Series


Now that the NBA Playoffs are over, we can finally get back to what matters around here most – baseball and partially nude women.


Haters To The Left: Channing Tatum's Fellow Strippers Call Him A Fraud


When you become a Hollywood A-lister, you’re bound to draw old friends and acquaintances out of the woodworks hoping to hitch a ride on your fame train.


Some Knicks Fans Still Believe In Their Team

If you need proof that New York City is one of the greatest sports cities on Earth – I can’t rule out Middelfart, Denmark – it’s hard to look beyond the incredible enthusiasm that our good friends at Rick’s Cabaret constantly show for all of their teams.


Dan Marino Is An Elderly Philanthropist And He Wants To Help/Impregnate You

Dan is right: when you're a multimillionaire, turning 50 is no big d.


Chad Ochocinco > Dr. Phil


If the NFL counted Tweets as receiving yards, then Chad Ochocinco would have been the greatest single season receiver in New England Patriots history last year.


Rick's Cabaret Wants Tim Tebow To Know The Free Lap Dance Offer Still Stands


It seems like a pretty slow Tim Tebow news day, what with the big hubbub around the New York Jets’ new not-so-secret weapon being that he now has a sandwich named after him and he got a manicure and pedicure at MB Nails in West Hollywood on Tuesday.


Jeremy Piven Is Bad at Oral Sex, Says Reporter/Stripper


During the day, Sarah Tressler works as a society reporter for the Houston Chronicle.


New York City Strippers Welcome Tim Tebow


If you thought that we’d even go one day without someone creating the story that Tim Tebow wants to immediately become the New York Jets starting quarterback, then you just don’t know the New York sports media, Jack.


Strippers predict the Oscars


Our buddy Kevin from NextMovie had the simple-but-brilliant idea to go to a strip club and solicit Oscar predictions from the dancers there.


Ray Edwards Knows What True Love Is


Prior to joining the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent this season, defensive end Ray Edwards seemed like he was poised to become a breakout star in the NFL, as he posted back-to-back 8 sack seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.


Important Breaking News: Strippers Versus Werewolves

Awhile back the Japanese documentary Big T*ts Zombie 3D taught us that zombies are no match for strippers.

#Chris Paul

Who Dey Think Gonna Beat Dem Morning Links

Educated sportswriter opinion: The Buffalo Bills will easily beat the Bengals.


The Terrific Adventures Of White Sammy Sosa


Forgive the grainy nature of the photo -- it's courtesy of TMZ, so I'm lucky there isn't a huge T over Sammy Sosa's face.


A Great Reason to Never Watch Golf

When a legendary sportswriter like Dan Jenkins mentions strippers on his Twitter, you know something's up, especially when he's comparing them to 47-year old Spanish golfers: That could've been a funny enough end to the story, but BBC has provided video of the warm up, and in this "pics or it didn't happen" world it's comforting to know that integrity still exists in the world of new media.


Poker Sites Go Up The River

Poker Shutdown On Friday the F.

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