Remember Nathan From The Nike ‘Find Your Greatness’ Ads? Dude Got Skinny

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Last August, we were introduced to a 12-year old boy named Nathan, who had already fulfilled the dream of most professional athletes by appearing in his very own Nike commercial.

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The 5 Most Insincere, Self-Serving Quotes In The Daily Beast's Matt Lauer Profile

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A look at the Daily Beast's carefully calculated, publicists driven piece designed to steer blame away from Matt Lauer over the Ann Curry situation.

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Good Morning. Here Is A Picture Of Tiffani Thiessen And Al Roker Holding A Giant Snake

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Tiffani Thiessen co-hosted "Today" this morning. Here is a screenshot of her and Al Roker holding a huge freaking snake. Have a great day.

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NBC Takes Another Crap On Ann Curry (And The Morning Links)

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How did NBC screw over Ann Curry this time, plus highlights from around the web.

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‘Today’ Show Will Combat Its Post Ann Curry Ratings-Slide By Featuring More Ann Curry

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After firing Ann Curry, the 'Today' Show ratings went into a tailspin. How do they fix it? More Ann Curry, of course!

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Listen to Kathy Lee's freakish chicken cackle while Will Ferrell & Ron Swanson drink bloody marys

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Proving yet again that they know the quickest way to the internet generation's heart, Will Ferrell and Nick "Ron Swanson" Offerman showed up on the fourth hour of the Today Show today in robes drinking bloody marys to promote Casa De Mi Padre, which opens this weekend.


The Alabama Basketball Troll Went Linsane

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You may not know Jackson Blankenship by name, but you’ve definitely seen him by now.


A Supercut of Gene Shalit’s MOST DELICIOUS PUNS

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If you've ever wondered what it takes to be the Today Show's film critic for THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS (since 1973), the answer seems to be two-fold.

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Chris Brown Is A Maddening Enigma

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Serious question: How the hell is Chris Brown still so enormously popular.

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In an interview with the Today Show, Kirk Cameron revealed that he refused to kiss the actress playing his wife in his upcoming "movie" Fireproof.



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Matt Lauer interviewed Christian Bale on the Today Show this morning, where they compared fashionable brown buzz cuts.

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