A.J. Daulerio Would Go to Jail For Brett Favre’s Dong

01.19.11 7 years ago 82 Comments

GQ has a new feature on our blogging friend A.J. Daulerio, editor of Deadspin, the website that spawned an active commenting section where your KSK bloggers first interacted. We’ve known A.J. for a couple years now — I was part of a memorable, if blurry, night in Miami that featured us getting thrown out of a party and ended with Paul Rudd singing karaoke — so our interest in the story is as much personal as professional, but we feel there’s enough back story on how Favre’s little dong landed on the Internet that you’d want to read it.

Before posting the photos and voice mails, Daulerio argued with Gawker’s lawyer and chief operating officer, Gaby Darbyshire, over legal exposure. “She’s like, ‘You’re willing to go to jail for this? It’s just a dong shot,’ ” Daulerio recalls. “And I’m like, ‘It’s f*cking Brett Favre’s cock shot.’ So yeah. If Brett Favre sued or [the pictures] were subpoenaed—I don’t think they’d send me to jail for that, but given the choice, sure.” In the end, Daulerio agreed to sign documents assuming responsibility for protecting the source’s identity.

Immediately after posting, Daulerio says he sent the URL to “an intermediary” who confirmed—Daulerio won’t say how—that it was, in fact, Favre’s member in the pictures. No one has sued him (yet), and Deadspin had its first mainstream-media moment.

“I did like nine television shows in two days,” Daulerio recalls. “The Today show called me on a Sunday at two thirty. It was brunch time with my girlfriend and a friend, and I was half in the bag. A couple of hours and two bong hits later, I’m doing an interview on the porch. Everyone is jamming Adderall to clean the place as quickly as possible. I was trying to find pants.”

Ahhh, stereotype CONFIRMED. The whole article (which mentions our own Big Daddy Drew) is worth your time: it’s a fair portrayal of a blogger who’s fearless, ballsy, and — yes — a little sketchy and occasionally unhinged. We salute you, Daulerio. Just remember that GQ loved KSK first.

(photo credit: Peter Yang for GQ)

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