A Look Inside Jeff Ireland’s Draft Day Process

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04.26.12 33 Comments

Joe Philbin (C) with the two guys who will fire him in 2014.

Life has been pretty tough for Miami Dolphins “owner” Stephen Ross (he still hasn’t actually paid for the team) and his prized GM Jeff Ireland as of late. Well, life hasn’t been tough, because they’re both wealthy men with awesome jobs, but their reputations have taken plenty of hits in the media because of a series of questionable and flat-out terrible decisions. And as the NFL Draft gets set to begin, Ross and Ireland find themselves in a situation in which they can’t do anything right.

If they draft Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill with the No. 8 pick, they’re reaching. If they pass on him for a pass rusher they desperately need, they once again missed out on a franchise QB that they haven’t had since Dan Marino. If they trade up to make sure they get Tannehill, they’ll be a laughing stock. Well, even more than they already are.

Ireland is perhaps the most criticized decision-maker since Matt Millen, and while it’s mostly deserved for reasons like asking Dez Bryant is his mom was a prostitute and sitting on his hands in free agency, Miami’s ineptitude is hardly all his fault. It’s actually the result of years of terrible decisions by coaches and front office schmucks like Nick Saban, Cam Cameron, Rick Spielman and Bill Parcells, among many others. But Dolphins fans are fickle. They want results now, and they either expect Ireland to produce in this draft or be fired.

Fortunately, as the Dolphins have allowed cameras in their war room for this draft, Ireland was also kind enough to give me a brief glimpse into his process for choosing a first round pick.

(Original images via MiamiDolphins.com, Getty, AP, the Sun-Sentinel and the Palm Beach Post.)

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