Antoine Dodson Explains Why It’s Okay To Be Gay & Still Eat Chick-Fil-A

07.27.12 5 years ago 45 Comments

Yesterday, the whole “Chick-fil-A don’t do gays” thing made me realize what a tough situation heterosexuals were being placed in. On Twitter, I lamented that “those Chick-fil-A milkshakes are serious. I know how Adam felt when he saw naked Eve holding that apple.” Of course, my 140-character quip lead to people sharing their two cents, some understanding my plight and others questioning right versus wrong. Part of me wants to stand beside the notion that the company’s lack of sensitivity towards the gays – which I find bothersome – means maybe I shouldn’t be supporting them with my dollars. The other part of me wants to enjoy a damn number one with cheese and do it guilt-free.

Last night, Fresh put me on game that Antoine Dodson, the South’s spokesperson for all things gay, recently upped not one but two new YouTubeys in which he broke down why he, as a tambourine player, has no problems with the world’s maker of the finest cheap chicken sandwich. According to brother Antoine, he doesn’t “care about one person’s opinion or how they feel — that’s fine. Chick-fil-A makes good meals, and I eat there. If I want to have a Chick-fil-A sandwich, guess what? I’m gonna have a Chick-fil-A sandwich.”

So if the gays are eating Chick-fil-A, all “boycotting” bets are off.

Cred: C+D

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