Bilal – “Robots” Video

11.02.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

The video for Bilal’s “Robots” came with a PR that encouraged that it be shared with the intent of helping “the robots amongst us.”

“On this Election Day 2010, Bilal teams up with French director Mikael Colombu to bring you the official music video for Bilal’s “Robots.” Come along and join us on this multi-media journey as we see the world of politics through Bilal’s eyes. Mikael’s ability to translate Bilal’s words into imagery, gives us a chance to properly reflects on his ideology of modern times.

“To Bilal, people are becoming more like robots through the use of manipulative propaganda by corporate media. This video is his way of opening everyone’s eyes to the truth. As you watch “Robots” you’ll soon find yourself paying very close attention to what is really going on.”

Bilal’s Airtight’s Revenge is in stores and on iTunes now.

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