“BlackBerry’s Darkest Hour…”

12.22.09 8 years ago 39 Comments

Biggie vs. Pac. Kobe vs. LeBron. The world vs. Dr. Conrad Murray. All are intense rivalries, but all pale in comparison to the infamous BlackBerry vs. iPhone debate. Living in the greater DC area has me taking the bus and train quite often. With the city being so business and politically-oriented, it’s no surprise I see more people looking down at their phones than actually paying attention to where they’re walking. Maybe I’m tripping (but I’m probably not), but it seems as if EVERY person in the District has either the ‘Berry or the iPhone. Battle lines have been drawn and trying to convince either to switch to the other is virtually a slap in the face.

I’m a proud man. A proud man who hasn’t shied away from the opportunity to take shots at iPhone users at a moment’s notice. Case in point how iPhone blatantly took BlackBerry’s unique messaging feature and created one for their own. With that in mind, the past few weeks or so have been tough for members of the Team Blackberry clan. First, the e-mail blunder from a few days ago which had damn near every user freaking out because no e-mails were being received via their mobile devices. Horrifying? Indeed. Communication halted to a near snail’s pace and for a moment in time, it was 1995 all over again. However, just as quickly as it collapsed, the problem fixed itself.

Fast forward to today and shit REALLY hit the fan. No more than 72 hours after taking our first significant L, Team BlackBerry was delivered a devastating blow when BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and UberTwitter applications nationwide collapsed leaving conversations unfinished, retweets impossible and feelings f*cked all over again. You don’t think it’s bad, check #TeamBlackBerry. There you shall find testimonials of frustration, sick enjoyment and concession of defeat. It wasn’t the now infamous “Great Social Networking Crash of 2009,” but legendary in its own right.

With the BlackBerry crisis now reaching horrific levels, true loyalty to the brand is more evident than ever. Real niggas like myself, we see it through. This better include you too, Barack. This is obviously the mobile device equivalent to when Pac was shot in Quad Studios in ’94. Yeah, we’re down for a moment, but we know this was a set up by the “powers that be” otherwise known as iPhone. Some fickle customers, however, will show their true colors and deflect over to the other side. It’s cool and I wish you the best. Just know all the “apps” in the world can’t save you. Team BlackBerry, keep your spirits high. We’ll be back. One of these days.

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