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07.25.12 5 years ago 30 Comments

Judging from her slightly distended tummy, Gisele is showing signs that the next lil’ troll genius is on the way. Either that, or she actually ate something. Haha, that didn’t happen, so get ready for non-bastard Brady brood no. 2.

— Osi Umenyiora said Robert Griffin III hasn’t earned his nickname of “RGIII” and plans to refer to him as “Bob Griffin” until further notice. Not sure how exactly you earn a nickname that’s based on your initials, but I hope it involves physical domination over all others who hold the Robert Griffin name.

— Wes Welker and Vince Wilfork often bond by discussing the multiple race horses each of them own. NFL players, continuing to lead lives that are totally relatable to us.

— Chad Johnson predicts a “monster” season for himself in 2012. I can buy it. Zombies are a monster.

— Drew Brees celebrated his new $100 million contract extension by changing his baby’s diaper, doing a load of laundry, saving an impoverished Guatemalan family from a landslide and finding a cure for meanness. Only two of those are true. Try to guess which ones. Brees won’t mind if you get them wrong.

— Eagles running back Dion Lewis got the charges against him dropped from the incident where he allegedly pulled a fire alarm trying to get back into his hotel room after being locked out. Yes, but will there ever be justice for Adrian Peterson?

— Ken Stabler is the lead plaintiff in the latest player lawsuit against the league. Stabler also faults the league for not banning James Harrison. Pissing off The Rog and Deebo in one fell swoop? Quite a feat.

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